Yellow Ostrich To Release The Mistress On Afternoon Records

The Mistress is the culmination of whirlwind year of self-released records for Yellow Ostrich, which included two LP's, a 7-inch, and three EP's. This latest LP was self-recorded by singer/guitarist/keyboardist/sound manipulator Alex Schaaf in an empty movie theater, a dorm room (both in Wisconsin), and in a small Upper West Side Manhattan apartment. Originally released by the band as a pay-what-you-want download via Bandcamp, The Mistress has recieved a groundswell of grassroots support on the internet. The band is now partnering with Afternoon Records to bring The Mistress to the broader internet and, with February 15th vinyl release, to old fashioned record stores everywhere.

Listen to the entire LP, or pay what you want and download it now via Yellow Ostrich's Bandcamp or the AR Store.

The LP is also up for preorder on the Afternoon Records Store.

Yellow Ostrich is a duo. It consists of Alex Schaaf (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Synth, Sound Manipulation) and Michael Tapper (Drums). Originally a solo project in Wisconsin, the pair is now located in New York City.

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