KollaboraTe with KT Tunstall

Some very cool news in the world of KT Tunstall. Fans now have a chance to become part of the band. The process is easy and the reward is sweet. For all of the accountants by day rockers by night out there, here's your chance.

Deadline for all submissions is 12/7

Submit a video playing or singing part of KT Tunstall's song "Glamour Puss". Share your video with friends and vote on your favorites. The winning videos will be chosen to create a brand new "Glamour Puss" collaborative music video, featuring KT Tunstall on lead vocals.

See KT explain the details here or continue reading below.

Step 1:
Listen to "Glamour Puss" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcvCETbxrEg
Pick a part you would like to sing or play. For example: Back up vocals, bass line, piano melody, percussion, tambourine, guitar, whistle melody, or make up your own part. (Please leave the lead vocals to KT.)

Step 2:
Record a video of you performing this part. Make sure you are playing along while listening to "Glamour Puss" on headphones, so that you and KT are on the same beat and the same key. You can play through the whole song or a shorter section which we can loop like KT does live.

Step 3:
Submit your video to KT's YouTube Moderator http://youtube.com/KTTunstall
Remember to include an email address in your submission so you can be contacted if your part is featured in the final video. Share your submission with friends, and vote for your favorites.

Happy Rocking!