I AM LOVEDRUG: The Making of an Album: Lovedrug's Christmas EP and dozen+ exclusives earning fan support

Alt-rock outfit Lovedrug’s campaign for fans to fund their new album is a far cry from a handout. Just two weeks into the 60-day campaign, the band has already given contributors over a dozen songs, videos, and downloads, including a brand new Christmas EP.
All restricted content is available with any and every pledge, even the most entry-level amount of $15. All such bonus material is in addition to Exclusives supporters can pledge toward, such as framed original lyric & song notes, custom recordings, the supporter’s name in the album credits, acoustic living-room performances, or a private show in the band’s rehearsal space.
With Lovedrug promising to deliver much, much more over the remaining 6 weeks of the campaign and beyond, peeks inside the studio and recording process, supporters will receive approximately two albums worth of bonus material throughout the campaign.
I AM LOVEDRUG is in partnership with UK-based fundraiser Pledge Music and band charity partner Mocha Club.
For more information visit www.IamLovedrug.com.

Currently label-free, Lovedrug released various material in 2010, including EP-PART I and EP-PART II out now on Vinyl, CD and/or digital format at Lovedrugmusic.com. The final installment EP-PART III will be released in January 2011.

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