Casey Spooner, stylish front man of critically-acclaimed art and performance group FISCHERSPOONER, releases his debut solo album ADULT CONTEMPORARY on January 24th (EU/UK release) and 25th (US release), 2011. With jangling guitars, live percussion and rawer vocals, ADULT CONTEMPORARY is miles away from the high-gloss electric sheen of FISCHERSPOONER. This looser, rock-based album is built on soaring melodies and swarms of sounds - garage, surf, punk and pop - resulting in a collection of songs Spooner calls “the most emotional work I may have ever made.”
The process began when Jeff Saltzman, producer of FISCHERSPOONER’s album Entertainment, asked Casey to contribute a song for his next project. Within a few hours, Spooner had written the pop confection “Cinnamon Toast.” As he continued to provide material and the project developed, Saltzman stopped calling it his own project and began calling it Spooner’s. Hence, a surprise solo album was born. “I was working in a very unselfconscious manner, as the sound and style were Jeff’s initial direction,” explains Spooner. “For Fischerspooner it takes a lot of planning to develop a cohesive sonic and visual concept. This was about where I was at each day and what was happening in my life at that moment. Everything about this material has been about the immediate, the present, right now, no deliberating, no wasting time, get it done. GO!”
Once the new tone was set, Spooner invited more collaborators to join them in the studio. Performance art legend Marina Abramovic contributed “Spirit Cooking,” a compelling recitative with lyrics that sound like directives from one of her gallery performances. Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters co-wrote and duets on “Spanish Teenager,” which will be released as a single January 10 (Euro/UK) and 11 (US). A music video for the song, shot on location in Malibu and directed by photographer Luke Guilford, will debut on
Spooner also developed a new performance for the material, which he premiered this fall opening for the Scissor Sisters on their U.S. tour and at the Top of the Standard in New York. Spooner plans to follow it with another series of performances, some staged for camera. Discarding pop show architecture in favor of a stripped down, classic look, the show embraces a tone that many found reminiscent of David Lynch: surprising, cinematic, and sophisticated.

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