Psychic Powers "The Portal (James Figurine Remix)"

As a preview to their new album Infinity - out this December through Dryden St - Psychic Powers have released a James Figurine (aka James Tamborello) remix of track "The Portal."


Psychic Powers was formed in 2007 by Nik Brinkman of Over The Atlantic and Alejandro Cohen of Languis. The two met briefly in Los Angeles while Nik was on tour. They then decided to collaborate and write songs together for their debut EP via the Internet from their home countries, New Zealand and the United States, respectively. The pair then came together in Los Angeles in early 2010, and spent a few months bringing together their full length debut, Infinity.
The main musical influences of Psychic Powers come from record labels such as 4AD, Flying Nun, Sarah, Factory, and Creation Records.
Psychic Powers will release Infinity through Dryden Street in Dec 2010. You can grab their previous EP Frozen from RCRD LBL here.