Kuf Knotz' "Boombox Logic" available digitally now!

Philadelphia Hip-Hop legend Kuf Knotz is bringing a fresh sound to a fresh audience with Boombox Logic, his debut solo album which is available digitally via Drexel University’s student run label MAD Dragon Records now!
Releasing as digital download on both Amazon and iTunes, Boombox Logic sees Kuf venture away from his acclaimed group The Hustle and venture out solo to produce an influential album of socially conscience hip-hop. The album’s influences are as wide as the audience for whom it’s made, infusing synth hooks, rock and roll sensibilities, and folk lyric crafting into a base of hip hop, rap, jazz, and soul.
With a list of collaborations under his belt from the likes of Slightly Stoopid, G-Love, and Ben Arnold, Kuf flows between genres as smoothly as he delivers lyrics.
He gained the respect of perhaps one of the toughest audiences ever, Philadelphia sports fans, when his song “Unstoppable” was played at games 4 and 5 of the 2009 World Series and was proclaimed The Phillies official song.
Kuf was featured in FUSE Tv’s Bodog Music Battle of the Bands and also has the honor of being the first hip-hop artist ever to open up for the legendary Bruce Springsteen.
While Boombox Logic demonstrates polish and lyrical skill perfected through years of experience, Kuf Knotz does not shy away from bringing a deeper message to his audience.



Be it as literal as “Fresh Kicks” when refering to the aesthetic and visual stylistic aspects of hip-hop, or simply the passion hip-hop carries which is represented in “Love Drug” and “Fame Us,” a song that depicts that classic idolization of fame and fortune.
Boombox Logic is simultaneously accessible to audiences who don’t consider themselves him hip hop fans yet, but at the same time remains true to the spirit and attitude of the genre without sacrificing the edge that made Kuf so respected in the first place.