The Boat People - Antidote (Remixes)

The Boat People want you to find the antidote to musical boredom – dance it away. They are providing this salve to their fans via radio in the form of a brand, spanking new double A-side and remix package.
The Boat People are one of Australia’s finest indie bands with multiple UK and US tours, airplay on international radio including KCRW, XFM, Triple J and more. Their new album Dear Darkly has had critical acclaim around Australia through singles including Under the Ocean, Echo Stick Guitars and Damn Defensive and are now making an assault on the world with this new remix package.
This package features the one, two hit of anti-boredom of The Boat People’s latest Dear Darkly album cuts "Antidote", a special edit of "Dance to My Pain" and additional remixes by No Device and Ming the Merciless. The selected tracks, "Dance to My Pain" and "Antidote" with their upbeat, dance vibes were perfect candidates for remixing and dance party radio playlists.
No Device brings the beats for remixes of both tracks - "Antidote" and "Dance to Pain" and Ming the Merciless bust out their "Antidote Pantydote" remix. The opening two tracks of the package (a radio edit of "Dance to My Pain" and "Antidote") were written by James O’Brien, who also penned band’s first single from the album, "Damn Defensive".