The Atom Age In Canada !

The 20th Century is over. Man has walked on the moon, split the atom, taken down the USSR, and created Rock ‘N ‘ Roll. The 21st Century looked bright to us. Endless possibilities filled our imaginations, until it all changed. The first decade of this new era brought computer perfected bands, coupled with trends that came and went faster than social networking sites. The “kids” are not foaming at the mouth for something vital, intense, and real anymore. Who can blame them? Most are not even aware things like that even exist. Does it really have to be this way? The Atom Age from Berkeley, CA sure don’t think so.
In 2008 Ryan Perras (drummer for The Queers 2006 – Present) along with Peter Niven, Brendan Fyre, Matt Diamant, and John Murgueitio formed The Atom Age. The band plays a refreshing brand of big sounding, horn tinged, Punk Rock 'N' Roll. These five young guys are true believers in the spirit of the genre and are doing all they can to revive it. By combining catchy melodies, demanding riffs, and hectic sax lines, The Atom Age has created a truly unique high energy sound that pays a resounding salute to the music of decades past.
The Atom Age’s debut album Kill Surf City (released March 2010 on Solidarity Recordings) clearly displays the band’s ambitious sound and burgeoning potential. The band produced and recorded the album themselves, bypassing the usual and often all too common trappings of over editing and auto tune. The 14 solid tracks are an energetic reminder of what the Rock ‘N’ Roll genre once was and what it still can be. Kill Surf City is a record that has a good shot at perking up the ringing ears of more than just a few of the jaded listeners out there.
Touring has always been a top priority for The Atom Age. The band has done four national tours (one of which was supporting THE QUEERS) as well as multiple regional and west coast runs. Before heading out with The Queers, the bands teamed up to release a split 7 inch on Asian Man Records in 2009. The Atom Age’s touring experience is already significant and the band is on their way to becoming a serious touring machine.
It’s finally time to face the fact that it’s the 21st Century and visions of the future circa 1950 didn’t quite pan out. Cars don’t fly, robots don’t clean up after us, and Rock ‘N’ Roll sure doesn’t kick like it used to. There are still plenty of us looking for something new and a band like The Atom Age can give us a little reminder of times of hopeful excitement and a new promising energy, with their brand of 21st Century Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Atom Age live !
11/18 Toronto@ Bovine
11/19 London@ Call The Office
11/21 Burlington@ The Legendary Red Rooster