Rise Records Supports The Portland Women's Crisis Line. How You Can Help Too..

Rise Records is proud to announce the donation of $5,000 to the Portland Women's Crisis Line. The PWCL (www.pwcl.org) is a very important non-profit organization that provides immediate assistance to survivors who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. Rise Records wants to encourage you to donate too. For as little as $7, you can support this worthy cause. To donate, please visit their website: http://pwcl.org/donate

I:Scintilla returns with new album 'Dying & Falling'

Chicago's female-fronted act I:Scintilla returns with their new album Dying & Falling. Released on November 26th this new CD marks the band's 4th straight collaboration with Wade Alin (The Atomica Project, Christ Analogue) and his slick production style. The band has been one of the fastest growing acts from the States in the dark wave scene and has also succeeded in crossing over to other scenes in no time, the dream of many bands so to speak. The album is the follow-up to the Prey on you EP released one year ago. Dying & Falling will also be available as a limited edition box set that features the "Resuscitation" bonus disc containing exclusive new tracks, alternate versions, and club remixes by acts like Iris, The Dreamside, Essence Of Mind, DJ Ram and Freakangel.

Here's the video for "Ammunition" taken from the Dying & Falling album.

The release is available:
on iTunes: http://useth.at/isuo
at Alfa Matrix: http://www.alfa-matrix.com/shop_comments.php?id=1942_0_8_0_C









Their July release of A Feast for Crows was almost like a re-birth for this Cincinnati band. Formed with all new members, Corpus Christi delivered an album that did not disappoint the band’s pre-existing fans. Following up their release with an impressive run including Victory label mates A Hero A Fake, Corpus Christi have finally found the groove they were looking for.
Corpus Christi will be hitting the road for the remainder of the year on a headlining run supported by With Words, Thoughts in Reverse, and Inhale Exhale (on select dates).

Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized Benefit for Natty Brooker

Event: The Perfect Transcription - A Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized party (in aid of Natty Brooker)
Location: The Piston – 937 Bloor St. West – Toronto, Canada
Date: Saturday December 4th, 2010
Time: Doors @9:30pm – first band at 10pm

On Saturday, December 4th 2010 at The Piston (937 Bloor W.) members of Toronto’s shoe-gaze/space­rock/psych-rock and folk music scenes will come together for a very special live musical tribute to underground music pioneers: SPACEMEN 3 & SPIRITUALIZED
The event, titled: THE PERFECT TRANSCRIPTION (a play on the title of a Spacemen 3 LP called The Perfect Prescription) is not just your average music tribute show though. This show has a very special purpose, and that purpose is to help support an important contributing member (both musically and visually) of both Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized named NATTY BROOKER, who is very ill and struggling to get by.
Natty Brooker, was the original drummer for Spacemen 3, and was also the artist responsible for much of the bands artwork and overall aesthetic. Natty introduced founding members Pete Kember and Jason Pierce (aka Jason Spaceman and Sonic Boom) to blues and gospel music (a major influence on their respective sounds); he played drums on the first Spacemen 3 album Sound of Confusion; and also appeared on the classic demos release Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To.
It was also Natty's iconic Devil and Angel original artwork design that adorned the first Spiritualized album cover "Lazer Guided Melodies", and it was his endlessly recurring threes that graced the last Spacemen 3 album "Recurring".
Sadly, Natty has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has been unable to work due to his illness, and those nonexistent Spacemen 3 music royalties just don't pay his bills (which is a sad reality for many underground or “critically acclaimed” musicians/artists who are stricken with debilitating illnesses).
So… seeing that many of Toronto’s shoe-gaze/space-rock/psych-rock and folk musicians claim Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized as a major musical influence… The idea to enlist their help in performing at this important tribute benefit show for Natty came quite easily for show organisers: Davy Love (DJ and founder of Blowup and Spacemen 3 Spiritualized fan) and good friend: Will Carruthers (former bass player for Spacemen 3/Spiritualized).

The Perfect Transcription - A Spacemen 3 & Spiritualized party (in aid of Natty Brooker)

In addition to the live music element… this event will also celebrate the fantastic, mind-bending artwork of Natty Brooker. Will Carruthers has arranged to have some of Natty’s famous artwork adorn the walls of The Piston as he did at galleries in Los Angeles, London, Sheffield, Berlin, and New York over the past 6 months.
Will has even arranged for some very limited edition, signed and numbered prints of Natty’s work including the iconic Angels & Devil, and Recurring 3’s to be shipped from the UK, and sold at this event.

The musical line-up for the evening is as follows:
Speedway (specially reunited for this show only!) * Flowers Of Hell * The Hoa Hoas
The Pow Wows * The Blooming Rosebuds * Drunk Woman * The Disraelis
Ostrich Tuning * The Auras * The Mighty Oaks * Proof of Ghosts
Panarama * Hollowphonic * Make Joy Cry

Plus some very cool, secret surprise guests!!!
100% of the profits from the show will be go directly to Natty Brooker
Watch the concert live (along with Natty from his apartment in England) here: http://www.livestream.com/voodootv1

The cover charge for this show is by donation/pay what you can.
Paypal donations can be sent directly to: hallucinatoryart@live.co.uk

A link to Natty Brooker’s site: http://www.nattybrooker.co.uk/gallery.html


A DAY TO REMEMBER’s What Separates Me From You, released last week, debuted as the #12 Album on US’ Top 200 chart, #66 on UK’s Top 100 chart, and as the #1 Rock album in both countries.
VicTorV is the only in-house, record label produced, monthly video program. VicTorV #64 is hosted by currently the top selling rock artist in the United States, A DAY TO REMEMBER. The band take over VicTorV with exclusive interviews, an acoustic performance of their current single, All I Want, an inside look at the VICTORY RECORDS What Separates Me From You listening party that the band hosted and much more. The episode also features brand new music videos from ILL NINO and CLOSE YOUR EYES. TNA Wrestling's MICK FOLEY stops by to have a back and forth discussion with his favorite Victory artist, SISTER SIN. Enjoy this killer episode and the new era of VicTorV. Best of all, it is still FREE. YOUR LABEL -- YOUR MUSIC.

Watch it here!



On November 30th All Time Low bassist Zack Merrick will launch his latest line of AMERRICKAN DREAM clothing in partnership with Kill Brand Apparel (www.killbrand.com).

More info will be announced soon, but in the meantime please “like” the AMMERICKAN DREAM Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Merrick-an-by-Zack-Merrick/176613089022107 and visit www.killbrand.com.

Kill Brand Apparel is a company that seeks to provide a unified creative response to a new generation who let their passions determine the way they live their lives. Many barriers have been broken over the past twenty years, and today young people grow up in an environment where their creativity can take them wherever they want to go. The people who do what they love are taking their skills further than ever. Kill Brand is intended to be an expression of the burning desire to push the limits that unifies creative people in the realms of art, music, and sports, and creates one all encompassing culture. Like artists, musicians, and athletes who pursue their goals with incredible dedication, Kill Brand employs that same type of love and enthusiasm in an attempt to create clothing that reflects the passions that make us, as a generation, who we are.
In 2001, Kill Brand was created by musician, Jonny Smith. While on tour in the band Tokyo Rose, Jonny ran into a problem -- no clean t-shirts. With a hot pink T-shirt and black spray paint in hand, Jonny randomly graffitied K-I-L-L across the front of the T, and took the stage. This fresh trend took punk rock fans by storm. Before long, Jonny was designing, spray-painting, and selling his T's out of the back of the tour van. As demand grew, Jonny invested in a screen printing machine (that he used in his studio apartment) to keep up with demand. Jonny personally screen-printed every item by hand with his signature, KILL. Kill Brand's notoriety grew as Jonny left Tokyo Rose and pursued promoting the apparel at music festivals across the U.S.
Now Kill Brand designs are requested by stylists from GQ Magazine, featured in Alternative Press, Maxim, and many more. Kill Brand is currently available in Tilly's, D-tox, Zumiez, and over 200 retail stores worldwide.

Kill Brand will be announcing even more exciting news in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!


The once five-some has now returned one less, with what promises to be their heaviest, most intricate and musically focused record to date, Filthy Habits. Produced by Eric Arena (A Day To Remember, Within the Ruins) Filthy Habits blends strong melody with blistering guitar-work, monstrous riffs and powerful vocals that will be impossible not to notice.
Set for release on January 18th, 2010, Farewell to Freeway will continue to spread the band’s unique brand of melodic metalcore to the masses, carving a new nichè in the world of metal.
Pre-orders for Filthy Habits begin TODAY! A limited time offer, this pre-order package includes a newly-designed Farewell To Freeway t-shirt and Filthy Habits for only $18. Head over to the Victory Webstore to reserve your copy now!
Fans can also get a look at the new lineup, and stay connected with FIIF at their revamped MySpace here.
This band shows no indication of slowing down, and their plans for 2011 include “touring constantly and TAKING OVER!”

Tour dates will be announced soon!

For more Information on FAREWELL TO FREEWAY, visit these sites:

"Electronic Body Matrix 1" 4CD boxset

Alfa Matrix presents massive EBM 4CD boxset: Electronic Body Matrix 1.
The Belgian label Alfa Matrix announces a real "who is who in the current EBM scene" 4CD boxset (+ attached downloadcard) uniting no less than 112 artists bringing rare are exclusive tracks. The full tracklist can be viewed at the dedicated website www.alfa-matrix.com/ebm1 . Expect material Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Portion Control, Covenant, Pouppee Fabrikk, Funker Vogt and so on and so on. 112 bands in total! Titled Electronic Body Matrix 1 this new compilation series runs across 4 CD's plus an exclusive download card giving you access to another 40 additional bands for a total music play more than 500 minutes. Promised are over 70% rare or previously unreleased tracks.
The set is marketed as a deluxe carton box with an extensive 28-page booklet with
band pictures and credits designed by the American artist Greg Rolfes. "Electronic Body Matrix 1" also marks Alfa Matrix's 10 years of existence. Says Seba Dolimont: "Through this set we are revisiting the roots of the old school 'Electronic Body Music' movement and bridging them together with the current electronic sound. The sampler pays homage to the various branches of the electronic music genre throughout the last decades, gathering pioneers, leading figures of today's scene, rising new talents and artists who deserve to be discovered. This is NOT simply a re-release of new wave EBM classics, but fresh new music!" Recommended if you want to know how the current EBM scene is sounding today. The label presents the release in various packages, check www.alfa-matrix.com/releasedates.php for more info.

101. KOMOR KOMMANDO . rhythm machine . 102. X MARKS THE PEDWALK . seventeen (NOISUF-X mix) . 103. SPETSNAZ . mangod . 104. PORTION CONTROL . amnesia . 105. PSY'AVIAH feat. AYRIA . into the game (SIGNAL AOUT 42 mix) . 106. AD:KEY . pissed off (video edit) . 107. RESTRICTED AREA . bulldozer . 108. IONIC VISION . q and a (alternate) . 109. NORDARR . du . 110. SERPENTS feat. PNE . komm noch naeher . 111. [SITD] . catharsis (heal me, control me) . 112. NECRO FACILITY . do you feel the same . 113. MALAKWA . monster . 114. CUBANATE . we are crowd (v1.6) . 115. KLUTAE . electro punks unite (anarchy remix) . 116. VOID KAMPF . einsamkeit (club attack mix by STERIL) . 117. ELITE! . harte liebe . 118. THE PAIN MACHINERY . armed! (rmx)

201. FADERHEAD . destroy improve rebuild . 202. AGREZZIOR . shout . 203. TURNBULL A.C'S . we can drink without having fun . 204. E-CRAFT . rearrested (v1.0) . 205. COMBICHRIST . never surrender (TERENCE FIXMER remix) . 206. ASCII.DISKO . jawbreaker . 207. THE NEON JUDGEMENT . i cut loose (bodyspasm vs. DDD remix) . 208. V01D feat. AYRIA . weakener (growing stronger - short mix) . 209. KRYSTAL SYSTEM . automatic ideology (body edit) . 210. 32CRASH . the man who came from later . 211. POESEIE NOIRE . we'll die dancing . 212. ROTERSAND . waiting to be born . 213. ESSENCE OF MIND . indifference (KANT KINO mix) . 214. NEUROBASH . breaking patterns (reedit) . 215. DIFFUZION . dbd (while u can) . 216. CULTURE KÜLTUR . sieged . 217. DEN.C.T.BUG . gotteskrieger (FUNKER VOGT mix) . 218. NOORGLO . addict

301. FRONT 242 . body to body (2 trax) . 302. PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF . popmusik für rohrleger (matrix edit) . 303. COVENANT . lightbringer (spreedrun) . 304. NITZER EBB . down on your knees (KANT KINO mix) . 305. ANGEL THEORY . every time I look at you . 306. R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC PROJECT) . riperbahn . 307. STUDIO-X . body music . 308. ISIS SIGNUM feat. DREY . music is my heart (alternative version) . 309. CELLULOIDE . et si… (nouveau mix) . 310. NACHTMAHR . mädchen in uniform (FADERHEAD mix) . 311. FUNKER VOGT . fire & forget . 312. STURM CAFE . die wahrheit . 313. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS . untergrund (DARKMEN mix) . 314. LEAETHER STRIP . strap me down (body machine mix) . 315. SUICIDE COMMANDO . death cures all pain (KANT KINO edit mix) . 316. AMGOD . stigmata 2010 (traumatic brain injury mix) . 317. INDIVIDUAL TOTEM . lost souls (nordschlacht dance remix) . 318. MENTALLO & THE FIXER . legion of leper (re-edit)

401. LLUMEN . cold in december (eternal winter mix) . 402. TECHNOIR . human shapes (rough mix) . 403. DUPONT . entering the ice age . 404. BRUDERSCHAFT . forever (COLONY 5 mix) . 405. ASSEMBLAGE 23 . collapse . 406. AUTODAFEH . love, hate and pain . 407. KANT KINO . owner of this house lives here (club mix) . 408. [DE:AD:CIBEL] . too tired to consume . 409. IC 434 . sangre de toro . 410. DER PRAGER HANDGRIFF . vorwärts . 411. PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE . headcrash . 412. AYRIA . blue alice (DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER mix) . 413. UBERBYTE . money shot (club mix) . 414. NOISUF-X . fucking invective . 415. ALIEN VAMPIRES . she's on drugs (more than me) . 416. POUPPEE FABRIKK . symptom (disease mix) . 417. JÄGER 90 . der verzicht . 418. HAUSHETAERE . sunshine is my destroyer (DARKMEN mix)

501. CERVELLO ELETTRONICO . grave accent . 502. DISEKT . asphyxiation techniques . 503. HIGH LEVEL STATIC . blade runner . 504. RED INDUSTRIE feat. SARA NOXX . the final destruction (IONIC VISION mix) . 505. JONATHANN CAST feat. DREY . hurt me (EQUITANT remix) . 506. EQUITANT . körperwärme . 507. PAIL . energy bodies . 508. CYGNOSIC . as we approach the end . 509. LTHRBOOTS . domination . 510. ELECTROVOT . fate (K. Wesenberg mix) . 511. ALPHA POINT . high like the angels . 512. INTERFACE . stateless . 513. FUTURE TRAIL . panic (CAMPING IM KELLER mix) . 514. STANDEG . photograph (remix) . 515. STRAY . miles from here . 516. INFERNOSOUNDS vs. SEQUENZ_ . regentag . 517. BOW EVER DOWN . devotion . 518. VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS . born in sin (DE_TOT_COR mix) . 519. EX.ES . dansa (africana) . 520. ZWEIFELHAFT . hackermanifest! . 521. IN[TOXIN] . ahnenerbe . 522. A NICE CHAOS . form & content . 523. SKINJOB . control (303 mix) . 524. URCEUS EXIT . pretend (alternate mix) . 525. NETZ . exit märchenland . 526. MATRIX . culture of shame (GASR mix) . 527. NEIKKA RPM . everlasting . 528. FREAKANGEL . my darling bullet (PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 mix) . 529. SCHWARZBLUT . das mandat . 530. TRAKKTOR . the surge . 531. ACYLUM . deathzone . 532. RETRACTOR . not human . 533. EMPTY . this regret (redux) . 534. UNTER NULL . broken heart cliché (KANT KINO mix) . 535. EHRON VON ALLEN . sin of nature (:WUMPSCUT: version) . 536. SELENE RIOT . (m)alice . 537. TWILIGHT LABORATORY . the eventual . 538. REIZSTROM . mensch gegen mensch . 539. EXOPLANET . exoplanet . 540. KABALL . new star (EQUITANT remix)

The Harlton Empire invites you to " Notice Me II ", It's annual xmas benefit concert for The Toronto Daily Bread Foodbank.



with Special Guests:


Thurs, Dec 16th @ The Hardluck Bar| Upstairs ( 812 Dundas Street W)
$5 with a food donation.

Doors: 8:30pm
9pm - Nymphonic
9:45ish - Elos Arma

There is also the possibility of a special performance by a surprize guest!

For any of you who came last year and are wondering about the free candy canes... YES! THERE WILL BE FREE CANDY CANES!
As if that wasn't enough, The Empire is also celebrating it's very first Birthday!

DARC Productions and The Harlton Empire Present:

Luau or Die
Buddy Black
Caiiro Foster

A Benefit Showcase for Scribble Me Silly

Thurs, Dec 9th 2010
The Hardluck Bar
( Upstairs)

Doors: 8:30

9pm Luau or Die

945-Buddy Black

1030-Caiiro Foster

There will be a Scribble Me Silly compliation available for purchuase featuring numerous artists including those playing.

All proceeds will go to Scribble Me Silly, and any food donations will be given to The Toronto daily Bread Foodbank.

For more info on Scribble Me Silly : http://scribblemesilly.org/
Facebook link : http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=662310466#!/event.php?eid=108629325869072

Cadence Weapon presents TRON LEGACY: The Mixtape

The always-grinding Writer, Producer and Performer Roland Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon is back once again, and he continues to firmly establish his legacy as a pioneer in a passionate crusade to push the rap and electronic music envelope.
TRON Legacy: The Mixtape is a brand new 18-track collection of Cadence Weapon rapping over some his favourite beats of late.
Pemberton recently described TRON Legacy: The Mixtape "I wanted to do something similar to The Drought series by Lil’ Wayne, just rapping over beats that I really like…It's a back to basics kind of thing. I'm rapping over Gucci Mane beats and I rapped over an Arcade Fire song…My idea was to do a parody of your typical rap mixtape…I've been noticing with a lot of mixtapes is that rappers are talking about movies they had nothing to do with. T.I. has this mixtape where he's Photoshopped himself into the cover of Inception and there are all these skits, but really he had nothing to do with the movie."
True to form, the first track opens the mixtape with Cadence talking about his involvement with the movie, all the work that went into the soundtrack, hanging out with Daft Punk and working with Jeff Bridges. The 18 tracks, brought together in a 40-minute collection includes Cadence Weapon dropping rhymes over beats by Gucci Mane, The Arcade Fire, Big Boi, Sleigh Bells, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Raekwon, E-40 and features guest vocals by Buck 65, Shad, Subtitle, Birdapres, Kazmega, among others.

Available now exclusively at www.cadenceweaponmusic.com for whatever price you deem worthy.

Cadence Weapon TRON LEGACY: The Mixtape
01 Tron
02 Holla I'm Good
03 F*** That Hipster S***
04 Always Strapped (ft. Buck 65)
05 I Eat My Rider
06 Cadence Weapon Speaks
07 The Suburbs
08 The Weedman (ft. Giovanni Marks)
09 On With A +1 (ft. Derek_from_Northcliffe)
10 G20 Swag
11 A Note On The ECCA
12 Two Pistols (ft.Birdapres)
13 Colours
14 Lemonade (ft. The Joe, Mitchmatic and Mikey Maybe)
15 Twitter
16 10 Bricks (ft. Kazmega)
17 Baby I’m Yours (ft. Shad)
18 Flower Girl

DVAS SOCIETY USA & International Release

Canadians everywhere may have gotten DVAS all to themselves earlier this summer, but it's time for the rest of North America to tap into one of the better electro-pop dance albums of the year with Society. Similar to the first time you heard Chromeo's 'Fancy Footwork' or 'In The Morning' from Junior Boys, DVAS will drive you through the night the same way Daft Punk did for us back in 2001. Thankfully, DVAS tosses all that funk and disco into Society right from the start with the title track, and make sure to stop and listen for the DFA influenced "Inner Sanctum."
Our suggestion? Throw a party. Invest in a disco ball. Play this album. You will probably get laid.

12.02 Toronto - Wrong Bar

Canada's psychedelic pop star - The Russian Futurists - is back with a stunning new album THE WEIGHT'S ON THE WHEELS out now!

Canada’s psychedelic pop star, The Russian Futurists, is back with a stunning new studio album – The Weight’s On The Wheels – out now on Upper Class Recordings. The Toronto based artist aka Matthew Adam Hart produced the new album with the aid of Michael Musmanno (Outkast, Lilys, Arrested Development) and sonically takes his sound out of the bedroom and onto the airwaves. The Weight’s On The Wheels captures the Futurists in full pop regalia from start to finish.
The first song on the album, “Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds” - mixed by Grammy Award Winner Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Bravery) – is a celebration explosion, a thumping and glorious beat with classic Matthew Hart triumphant vocals rising atop the electronic paradise; the track is available as a free download at www.russianfuturists.com and through our good pals at Nylon Magazine.
"One Night, One Kiss”, the sugary duet with Heavy Blinkers crooner Ruth Minnikin is featured on both the December Spin Magazine iTunes Sampler and Marie Claire Magazine's What To Download Playlist!

The Russian Futurists LIVE
11.16 New York - Mercury Lounge
11.17 Brooklyn - Littlefield
11.18 Philadelphia - Danger Danger
11.19 Washington - Red Palace
11.20 Harrisonburg - Blue Nile
11.21 Pittsburgh - Garfield Artworks
11.22 Cleveland - Grog Shop
11.23 Cincinnati - Madhatters
11.24 Chicago - Darkroom
12.02 Toronto - Wrong Bar

The Cardinal Skate & MusicSheBlogged Give Away!!!

MusicSheBlogged is teaming up with Cardinal Skate Shop to give away free concert tickets from Live Nation!!!
I'm super excited about this, Cardinal Skate Shop is one of the coolest places in Toronto (it's a skate shop, obviously it's cool... but this one is WAY cool) and every couple of weeks they receive 3 FREE tickets to whatever awesome concert is happening for giveaway... well they're now giving ME the opportunity to give these tickets away to my readers, so make sure you check back here and join MSB's FACEBOOK PAGE to be the first to hear about the FREE SHIT!

They are located at 2142 Bloor Street W (just east of Runnymede station) in Toronto. They sell a selection skateboards, longboards, skate shoes, protective gear and clothing for men, women AND kids. They have snowboards, boots, bindings, jackets and gloves for winter. AND they also sell everything for roller derby!




A band truly known for their constant tour schedule and intense live show, Victory veterans Comeback Kid have announced yet another handful of dates in January with Madball and Cruel Hand.
Recently wrapping up Imperial’s Never Say Die! Tour in Europe, vocalist Andrew Neufeld had this to say: “Its probably one of, if not the, biggest tours we have ever done. Shows between 1000-3000 people a night and we were direct support.”
The band will be heading to Australia next week for a run with Architects and This Is Hell which will land them back in Manitoba just in time for holidays.

New Music from TRAP.AVOID

Trap.Avoid creates haunting and brilliant grooved-out keyboard instrumentals with hints of Chicago House and Italo Disco, grounded in enticing melodies. They create lustrous landscapes which scan electronic music history for mesmerizing concoctions which would (just) feel right next to everyone from Giorgio Morodor to Liquid Liquid to Orbital to Ratatat

"Is This the Argument" is the new single off their upcoming full length album, dropping January 2011.


Trap.Avoid released their Elevator 12" back in early October on Dither Down Records, which featured remixes by 33Hz (foolhouse/dither down), Inflagranti (codek) and Populette (throne of blood).


the poison tree offers new mp3

Last month songwriter Steve Salett aka The Poison Tree introduced his new album with the gently strummed strings of "Come On Come On". Salett is now offering another song entitled "My Only Friend" from the eponymous release, premiering the song at Stereogum yesterday. The song "My Only Friend " was recorded at Steve's own Saltland Studio and features guest musicians Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), Dawn Landes, Josh Kaufman (Thieving Irons) and more.


December 11 - New York, NY @ The Rock Shop w/ Thieving Irons

Check out The UK Report!

I've added a new page to the website, the link is to the right under "Features"!
It's called The UK Report and it will feature weekly/biweekly/whenever-he-has time updates from Mr. T of the UK Fanzine Lights Go Out!
Basically he's funny and he'll talk about what's up in the UK, and about any bands he's seen over there (from anywhere in the world, not just the UK) lately that both are or are not worth checking out!

Make sure to cruise over and check out his first entry!


Mixtapes - Pre-Order New 7" from Animal Style

A Short Collection Of Short Songs, the newest 7" release from Cincinnati, Ohio's Mixtapes is now available for pre-order from Animal Style Records.
Limited to a pressing of 500 on three colorways (orange / yellow mix, lime green, electric blue), the vinyl will see an official street date of November 30, 2010. All records will come with a digital download, which includes a bonus cover of Hold Steady's "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" available only to those who purchase the 7". For more info go here.
A Short Collection Of Short Songs is perhaps Mixtapes' strongest material to date, featuring six tracks of highly infectious, perfectly blended power pop and gritty punk rock. This tasty slab of plastic offers no shortage of dueling boy / girl vocals, buzzing guitars and sweet harmonies. You can stream the single "I'm Like on Mixtapes' Myspace page, or you can grab the mp3 version via Tweet for a Track.


Formed as a side project by the current and past members of Bremerton, WA punk-pop band MxPx, Arthur began with the original line-up of Michael “Arthur” Herrera, Yuri “Zane” Ruley and MxPx stage tech, Neil “Alexander” Hundt in 1997. Shortly after, Tom “Edmund” Wisniewski joined, and Arthur took full form.
Using their middle names to distinguish themselves from their other project, Arthur, Alexander, Edmund, and Zane, as they like to be known, have finally finished work on the rather appropriately titled full-length album, Watch The Years Crawl By. As the band’s namesake wryly puts it, “This record was started before the industrial revolution of recording and finished in the golden age of digital recording.”
The band will release their long awaited full-length album, Watch The Years Crawl By on December 7 through their indie label, Rock City Recording Company. That same day, the band will also be offering their previously released EP, Loneliness Is Bliss digitally for the first time. Pre-sale orders and combination packages will be available starting Friday, November 26 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST on www.MxPx.com. Five bundles will be available total, one named after each band member and one holiday bundle.
The four-piece released their debut EP, Loneliness Is Bliss in 1999, the first through their newly formed independent record label, Rock City Recording Company. In support, they embarked on a two-week west coast stint, their only tour as Arthur to date. The band members were a bit apprehensive as to how their punk pop fan base would react to their 50’s doo-wop inspired tunes. The change in musical pace resonated with MxPx fans and in 2002, the quartet headed back into the studio to record their full-length but the album was postponed due to MxPx’s extensive tour schedule. Now, after many years Arthur, Alexander, Edmund, and Zane were ready to refocus their mindset and head back into the studio to finish their new release.
Don’t let Arthur’s main musical influence inspire visions of four guys on a street corner snapping their fingers and singing a cappella versions of Platters songs, though. While Arthur’s first full-length album, Watch The Years Crawl By, does boast a few songs where the influence of ‘50s/early ‘60s pop and rock & roll can be heard (“Tuck You In,” “Out of the Blue”), the songs undoubtedly diverge from the mainstream of MxPx output, there are still enough sonic reference points for fans of Arthur’s punkier alter ego. Only one track from the EP made it to the full-length, a newly re-recorded version of “Thought A Lot”. Overall, the album’s stylistic experimentation, love-centric lyric themes, and multiple melodic surprises offer something only hinted at in MxPx, a something the band hopes all music fans will enjoy.
With the long gap between records, the band collectively agrees that they “want Arthur fans to enjoy this rare moment in the band’s history. Arthur never did very much because we were busy with MxPx but what we did do was something special.”
Fans attending the band’s only performance this year, and first in over a decade will be able to see that specialness on Saturday, November 27 at Manette Saloon in Bremerton.

Watch The Years Crawl By Track Listing:
1. Cold Outside
2. America
3. Be Still My Heart
4. Heartache
5. Tuck You In
6. To Have And To Hold
7. Tie Me To You
8. Thought A Lot
9. Outside Of The Blue
10. Fortissimo
11. You Bring Me To My Knees
12. I Still Haven’t Reached You

Loneliness Is Bliss EP Track Listing:
1. Thought A Lot
2. Self Evaluation
3. Birthday Party
4. Friday, April 6th
5. All My Life
6. Amazingly True

Noteworthy New Releases Tuesday November 23rd, 2010:

Agalloch (Portland, Ore., dark metal band) - Marrow of the Spirit
As They Sleep (Detroit death metal band) - Dynasty
Lloyd Banks - HFM2 (Hunger For More 2)
Justin Bieber - My Worlds Acoustic
Black Lungs - Valley of the Dolls
Calle 13 - Entren Los Que Quieran
The Chariot - Long Live
David "Rock" Feinstein (former member of Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, The Electric Elves, Elf, The Rods) - Bitten By The Beast
haarp (New Orleans heavy metal group) - The Filth
Have Heart - 10.17.09 [CD/DVD]
Into It. Over It. / Koji - IIOI /KOJI
Mason Jennings - The Flood
Ke$ha - Cannibal
Killing Joke (entire original lineup) - Absolute Dissent
Killing The Dream - Lucky Me
Yngwie Malmsteem - Relentless
My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys ($)
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday
Ne-Yo - Libra Scale
NOFX / The Spits - split 7-inch
Off! - First Four EPs [box set]
Robyn - Body Talk
Röyksopp - Senior
Run With The Hunted - S/T
Smashing Pumpkins - Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Vol. II: The Solstice Bare
Swingin' Utters - Taking The Long Way [7-inch]
Take That (Robbie Williams' first album with the group since going solo in 1995) - Progress
Tigers - Jaw Two Worlds
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Various - Harder, Fatter + Louder!
Various - Past Present: Breaking Out The Classics
While She Sleeps - The North Stands For Nothing


Fake Problems new video for Soulless will be premiering all day today (11/19) on MTVU, as well as MTVU.com. Please head over HERE to check out the video!
Fake Problems are also giving away tickets for each show on their upcoming tour. You can get more details on the contest HERE.

12/1 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits*
12/2 Birmingham, AL Firehouse*
12/4 St. Louis, MO The Firebird*
12/5 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen*
12/6 Pittsburgh,PA Garfield Artworks*
12/7 Allston, MA Great Scott*
12/9 Quebec City, QC L'Agitee#
12/10 Ottowa, ON Maverick's Bar#
12/11 Montreal, QC Underworld#
12/13 Peterborough, ON The Legendary Red Dog#
12/14 Barrie, ON The Mansion#
12/15 Kitchener, ON The Schwaben#
12/16 Hamilton, ON The Casbah#
12/17 Toronto, ON Sneaky Dee's#
12/18 London, ON Call The Office#
12/19 Toronto, ON Sneaky Dee's#
12/20 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place %
12/27 Asbury Park, NJ The Stone Pony ^
12/28 Washington D.C. The Red Palace %
12/29 Norfolk, VA Jewish Mother Backstage %
12/30 Atlanta, GA The Earl %

* w/ Ninja Gun
# w/ the Flatliners, the Menzingers
^ w/ the Bouncing Souls, The Swellers, Lemuria
% w/ TBA

If we're not playing your city, please head to the Fake Problems Eventful page and request we play your city. We'll make sure we get there, and you'll be notified when we add the date. http://www.eventful.com/fakeproblems 


Since their announcement of joining the Victory Records family, Blackguard has been touring non-stop and gearing up for their next record.
Set for an early Spring 2011 release date, Blackguard have been, and will be on tour, keeping their name and their music familiar, ensuring not to disappoint. Currently, the band is on tour with Epica, Scar Symmetry and the Agonist. They have ecently announced their involvement in the Symphony X tour slated to kick off April 21st in Philadelphia, immediately after their return from yet-to-be-announced European dates.


Musical All-Stars Unite for "Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2" charity compilation in stores December 8th

The Beatles haven’t been a band in over forty years, but the spirit of the Fab Four still lives on strong. The most recent example being this week’s monumental announcement of the band’s catalog now being available digitally on iTunes. Following that announcement, this December, sixteen bands consisting of more than 125 musicians will release the Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 to help fund music and art education programs in Minnesota. This program puts instruments, supplies, and tools in the hands of young artists and musicians across the state.
The new collection of 16 originally arranged Beatles cover songs recorded exclusively for the project, will hit store shelves December 8th. The LP features songs by standout artists with Minnesota roots, ranging from Soul Asylum and Mason Jennings, to P.O.S., Cory Chisel, and 3-time Grammy Award winners Sounds of Blackness. The album also features the Edison High School Concert Band, located in Northeast Minneapolis, which was a 2010 grant recipient of more than 50 instruments.
Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 will be available in CD, digital and new limited-edition double LP vinyl formats. It can be purchased online at Target.com and at Minnesota Target stores. It also will be sold at independent record stores throughout the country, and songs will be available for download through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Rhapsody.
Vega Productions, which produced the album, will donate one-hundred percent of net proceeds from the sale of the album to enhance music and art education programs for children in Minnesota public schools. The Vol. 1 compilation raised $25,000, which was distributed through grants to schools throughout Minnesota. The grants helped purchase new brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, music education software, sheet music, instrument repairs, art supplies and even a pug mill and kiln. Vega Productions established the Minnesota Beatle Project in 2009 in partnership with presenting sponsor 89.3 The Current.

Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 Tracklisting
1 - Good Morning Good Morning – Soul Asylum
2 - Revolution – Total Babe
3 - Child Of Nature – Mason Jennings
4 - Fixing A Hole – Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons (Humans Win! Remix)
5 - Real Love – Lookbook
6 - Happiness Is A Warm Gun – A Night In The Box
7 - It's All Too Much – Polara
8 - Tomorrow Never Knows – Meat Puppets feat. Alison Scott
9 - I Am The Walrus – Pert Near Sandstone
10 - Michelle – The New Standards
11 - And Your Bird Can Sing – Rogue Valley
12 - Dear Boy – P.O.S.
13 - I Want To Hold Your Hand – Edison High School
14 - Golden Slumbers – Communist Daughter
15 - Hey Jude – Sounds Of Blackness
16 - Good Night – Curtiss A’s D’Lando Flaques ffaire *Rockestra

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah RAC Mix - 30 Rock Soundtrack

In celebration of the 30 Rock Soundtrack release this week, Relativity Music Group teamed up with the crew over at the Remix Artist Collective (U2, Radiohead, Lady Gaga) to reinterpret 30 Rock fan favorite "Werewolf Bar Mitzavh" featuring Tracy Morgan and Donald Glover.
Check out the remix below along with a full stream of the record...

For full track listing visit here.

The cast is doing their first EVER signing on Saturday at, you guessed it, 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Tina Fey, Jeff Richmond and members of the cast will be signing the soundtrack:
Saturday November 20 at 11:00 a.m.
NBC Experience Store
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

NEW Waylons Single “Safe” Released Today

The Waylons are proud to release the newest song in their continuing series of single releases. “Safe” is available for FREE download for a short time, and follows “Everyone Talking” in the series.

Listen to "SAFE" now at www.waylons.com

(Listen to Everyone Talking here)


NEW The Knife "Seeds" EP Out NOW! LISTEN HERE!

The Knife, in collaboration with Mt.Sims and Planningtorock are set to release "Seeds", with remixes by Portable aka Bodycode and Shinedoe, exclusively on November 19th through Beatport, with the full digital and limited edition 12” vinyl release coming December 6th.
Taken from the album Tomorrow, In A Year, “Seeds” is a delicate but driving techno pop track and features vocals by Swedish pop star Jonathan Johansson and Danish mezzo soprano Kristina Wahlin. Since the album’s release earlier this year, “Seeds” has already made waves in the dance world.
The remixers – Ghostly International’s Berlin-dwelling South African deep house producer Portable aka Bodycode, and the Dutch head of Intacto Records, Shinedoe - were selected by Olof Dreijer...
Bodycode has injected some Berlin deep-house warmth, stretching the track to 12 minutes, while Shinedoe has turned the original’s sparse instrumentation into a layered, big-room tech-house track.
Commissioned by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma Tomorrow, In A Year is a unique musical project, based on Charles Darwin and his book ‘On the Origin of the Species." The compositions challenge the conventional conception of opera music.
www.theknife.net | www.mute.com

Psychic Powers "The Portal (James Figurine Remix)"

As a preview to their new album Infinity - out this December through Dryden St - Psychic Powers have released a James Figurine (aka James Tamborello) remix of track "The Portal."


Psychic Powers was formed in 2007 by Nik Brinkman of Over The Atlantic and Alejandro Cohen of Languis. The two met briefly in Los Angeles while Nik was on tour. They then decided to collaborate and write songs together for their debut EP via the Internet from their home countries, New Zealand and the United States, respectively. The pair then came together in Los Angeles in early 2010, and spent a few months bringing together their full length debut, Infinity.
The main musical influences of Psychic Powers come from record labels such as 4AD, Flying Nun, Sarah, Factory, and Creation Records.
Psychic Powers will release Infinity through Dryden Street in Dec 2010. You can grab their previous EP Frozen from RCRD LBL here.


With her new album, Mondo Amore, coming out Jan 25 (Razor & Tie), New Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based crooner, Nicole Atkins has just released the Vultures 7". The record features her first single of the same name backed with her beautiful cover of "Vitamin C," the classic hit from German kraut-rockers Can.
On Mondo Amore , Nicole reveals her growth as a singer and songwriter with a sophisticated batch of new songs. Be prepared for a darker, grittier album with a bluesy, psychedelic sound that still showcases the stunning range and richness of tone she's known for.


Motionless In White announces U.S. tour with Escape The Fate and Alesana!

Motionless In White is thrilled to announce that they will be storming into 2011 on tour with Escape The Fate and Alesana. The Dead Masquerade North American Tour will take place from January - March 2011.
The tour comes in support of the scintillating Scranton, PA sextet's acclaimed debut album Creatures, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Heatseeker Chart and at #157 on the Billboard 200 last month.
Motionless In White is currently tearing across the U.S. on tour with labelmates A Skylit Drive. Scroll down for full tour dates!

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE - Chris Motionless (vocals), Angelo Parente (drums), TJ Bell (guitars/vocals), Ryan Sitkowski (guitars), Ricky Olson (bass), Josh Balz (keyboards) - Scranton, PA dark rockers Motionless In White are gearing up to release their debut album Creatures on October 12th, 2010. The follow up to EP When Love Met Destruction, debut full-length Creatures is a writhing behemoth of an album, infusing horror influences with intense melodic metal. The band has already toured the U.S. with the likes of Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Bleeding Through, In This Moment and Drop Dead, Gorgeous plus select dates on Vans Warped Tour. They've also received support from Alternative Press, Revolver Magazine, Rue Morgue, Rock Sound, Fangoria, and MTV Headbanger's Ball.

A Skylit Drive, Motionless In White, For All Those Sleeping, Woe Is Me, & Scarlett O' Hara
11/17 - Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
11/18 - Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar
11/19 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
11/20 - S. Hackensack, NJ @ School Of Rock
11/21 - Buffalo, NY @ Xtreme Wheels
11/23 - Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge

Escape The Fate, Alesana, Motionless In White, Get Scared, Drive A
1/20/11 Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
1/21/11 Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
1/22/11 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
1/24/11 Dallas, TX @ South Side Music Hall
1/25/11 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
1/26/11 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
1/28/11 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
1/29/11 Orlando, FL @ Club at Firestone
1/30/11 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @Revolution
2/1/11 Charlotte, NC @ Amos' Southend
2/2/11 Norfolk, VA @ The NorVA
2/3/11 Baltimore, MD @ Ram's Head Live
2/4/11 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
2/5/11 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
2/8/11 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
2/9/11 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
2/11/11 Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
2/12/11 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
2/13/11 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
2/14/11 Toronto, ONT @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
2/16/11 Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom
2/17/11 Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
2/18/11 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Orbit Room
2/19/11 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
2/20/11 Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
2/21/11 Sauget, IL @ Pop's
2/23/11 Minneapolis, MN @ The Cabooze
2/25/11 Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
2/26/11 Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
2/27/11 Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House
3/1/11 Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House
3/2/11 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
3/3/11 Seattle, WA @ Showbox at the Market
3/5/11 San Francisco, CA @ Regency Grand Ballroom
3/6/11 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
3/8/11 Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory
3/9/11 Fresno, CA @ The Crest Theater
3/11/11 Anaheim, CA @ The Grove of Anaheim
3/12/11 San Diego, CA @ Soma

Never Shout Never Announces "A Night With.." Tour

After finishing up "The Harmony Tour" this fall, Never Shout Never will perform four special, intimate shows in the Midwest, dubbed "A Night With Never Shout Never." All the venues on this tour are much smaller than the clubs played during "The Harmony Tour." Joining NSN for these shows will be Carter Hulsey and The Denison.

Pre-sale and VIP ticket packages are now available at Artist Arena.

1/26 Lawrence, KS @ The Granada
1/27 St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
1/28 Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theatre
1/29 Little Rock, AR @ The Village



Dutch punk rock trio Antillectual is pleased to announce that on November 30th, its highly anticipated new full-length, Start From Scratch, will be released on 12" vinyl in the U.S. by Square Of Opposition Records (Snowing, 1994!, Spraynard).
Pressed on mixed blue / white / black vinyl, the LP is now available for pre-order from the label. The first 20 pre-orders will receive a free hand-screened poster. For more info, go here.
A truly collaborative effort, Start From Scratch is being released on LP and CD (Europe only) by ten different labels: Angry Chuck Records (Russia), Destiny Records (Germany / Austria / Switzerland), Discos Rayados (Spain), Effervescence Records (France), Infected Records (Portugal), Lockjaw Records (UK), Shield Recordings (Benelux), No Reason Records (Italy), 5 Feet Under Records (Denmark) and the previously mentioned Square Of Opposition in the States. If you live overseas, you can grab a copy from one of these labels, or pick it up directly from the band here.
Of course, if you'd prefer digital version of Start From Scratch or would simply like to "try before you buy," Antillectual has made the record available as a free / pay-what-you-like download. The rest of the band's discography is also available for download here.
Unquestionably the trio's most accomplished record to date, Start From Scratch is firmly rooted in the combustible, dynamic punk of the 90s skate scene while incorporating in hints of modern emo, orgcore and even metal. Most strikingly though is how Antillectual has dialed up the unforgettable choruses and infectious melodies exponentially, cranking out twelve passionate, socially and politically charged burners that might be the most addictive songs you'll year all year. Just as importantly, Start From Scratch is a varied, thoughtfully crafted effort; it frames a band skillfully maturing with age yet holding on to the fervor and fire that made the members pick up instruments and start playing punk rock in the first place.

Lemonade & Douster Remix Saadi's Clotheslines

Eccentric Brooklyn-based artist Boshra AlSaadi (aka Saadi), the former frontwoman of the indie band Looker, has just released her brand new Clotheslines EP, which features the single of the same name backed with remixes from renowned producers including Lemonade, Douster and more.


Sean Rowe signs to ANTI

Anti- Records is thrilled to announce the signing of an exciting new artist: singer- songwriter SEAN ROWE. In the tradition of Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison, ROWE utilizes his extraordinarily soulful baritone, along with a poet's skill, to sketch a world where man and nature lie down uneasily side by side. Disconnected images flicker past in ROWE's songs like the random neon of a city street, or the trees down a country lane; on the song "Jonathan" ROWE offers burning cars - "I lit the dash, I took my sunglasses off, I like to see the fucker glow" - alongside moments of haunting innocence - "Remember after school at the Skylar park, trading in our stories for the dark." Then like a conjurer he makes these disconnected images come together, reminding us of all that we have forgotten, our place in the natural world. As ROWE explains, "A song like ‘Jonathan' is pretty dark stuff but it's also about trying to connect, trying to grab people. I'm not just writing for myself."
An avid naturalist, ROWE derives inspiration from his own wilderness experiences along with the writings of transcendentalists like Henry David Thoreau. "I love the simplicity and harmony of the natural world. I think it's something we have lost touch with. But it's hard to write songs about nature without sounding hokey. It's better to go out and experience it first hand. I do use it for imagery because it has an incredible power, just like I use religious imagery even though I'm not particularly religious. For me it's more about imagery and emotion and not necessarily creating a straight forward narrative."
Metroland Magazine recently proclaimed that "Rowe's baritone is one of those rare singing voices that will leave you forever changed. Like Al Green, Van Morrison, or Gil Scott-Heron at their best..." while WEXT Radio offered, "Listening to Sean Rowe, it is hard to decide what is more magical - the dream-inducing songs or Sean's powerful, emotional voice. The big, deep and rich sound pulls on your heart almost to the point of breaking."

Showbread’s Who Can Know It? out today for free download at comeandlive.com

Head over to www.comeandlive.com to download the new record from Showbread entitled Who Can Know It? The fifth studio record from the ever changing act from Guyton, Georgia showcases a softer side to the raw rock movement and is guaranteed to tug at your heart strings.

Meet: Josh T. Pearson, New Mute Artist

Mute is delighted to announce the signing of the unique artist Josh T. Pearson and details of his long-awaited debut solo album release.
Recorded in Berlin, Last Of The Country Gentlemen will be released in the Spring of 2011. Josh has already announced UK tour dates and will be making his way to the US sometime soon.
Hailing from Texas, Josh T. Pearson first gained people's attentions with his former band, the short-lived phenomenon that was Lift to Experience. The collective only released one sprawling masterpiece, 2001's The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, before splitting up shortly thereafter. Lift to Experience were so beloved by John Peel that he had them record three sessions in five months and were included in the Best 125 Peel Sessions of all time.
Since then, Josh T. Pearson has spent many years in the wilderness, only releasing one studio recording, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, a split 7” single with the Dirty Three and appearing on the Mercury Prize nominated Bat for Lashes album Fur and Gold on the track, Trophy.

The Last Of The Country Gentlemen Tracklisting:
1. Thou Art Loosed (Intro)
2. Sweetheart I Ain't Your Christ
3. Woman When I've Raised Hell
4. Honeymoon
5. Sorry With A Song
6. Country Dumb
7. Driver Her Out (Outro)

March 24 – Sheffield, Queens Social Club
March 25 – Glasgow, Stereo
March 26 – Dublin, the Workman’s Club
March 27 – Manchester, The Deaf Institute
March 29 – Brighton, Brighton Ballroom
March 30 – Nottingham, Bodega
April 01 – London, Purcell Rooms


A Skylit Drive reveals title and artwork for new album, announces tour with Underoath and Thursday!

Lodi, CA's A Skylit Drive is excited to reveal the artwork for their third album, which will be titled Identity On Fire.
Produced by Cameron Webb (30 Seconds To Mars, Motorhead, Flyleaf, Silverstein), the album is their follow up to their hit full-length Adelphia, which debuted on the Billboard 200 at #64 in July 2009. The album is slated for release in February 2011.
A Skylit Drive has also announced that they will be hitting the road with Underoath in January / February 2011! The tour also features Thursday, who will be performing their album Full Collapse in it's entirety on the tour.

A Skylit Dive is currently headlining the "Average Guys With Exceptional Hair Tour". Support comes from label mates Motionless In White and For All Those Sleeping, plus Woe, Is Me and Scarlett O' Hara.

A SKYLIT DRIVE - Michael "Jag" Jagmin (vocals), Nick Miller (guitar),
Joey Wilson (guitar), Brian White (bass / screams), Kyle Simmons (keyboards), Cory La Quay (drums / vocals) - Adding a sold-out U.S. and European tour with Alesana to their already impressive touring resume, which includes runs with Chiodos, Escape The Fate, Silverstein, Senses Fail, August Burns Red, Breathe Carolina, appearances at SXSW, Bamboozle Festival and a whole summer on Vans Warped Tour, A Skylit Drive is now a headliner in their own right. The band is gearing up to take on the world in 2011 with the release of third album Identity On Fire. Stay tuned for more details!

A Skylit Drive, Motionless In White, For All Those Sleeping, Woe Is Me, & Scarlett O' Hara
11.15 - Orlando, FL @ The Social
11.16 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
11.17 - Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
11.19 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
11.20 - S. Hackensack, NJ @ School Of Rock
11.21 - Buffalo, NY @ Xtreme Wheels
11.23 - Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
11.24 - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
11.26 - Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
11.28 - Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk

A Skylit Drive w/ Underoath, Thursday and Animals As Leaders
1.20 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
1.22 - Dallas,TX @ The Palladium Ballroom
1.24 - Alburquerque, NM @Sunshine Theatre
1.25 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
1.26 - West Hollywood, CA @House Of Blues
1.27 - Anaheim, CA @ House Of Blues
1.28 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas
1.29 - San Diego, CA @ SOMA
1.30 - San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
2.01 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
2.02 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo
2.03 - Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House
2.04 - Boise, ID @ The Knitting Factory Concert House
2.05 - Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
2.06 - Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
2.08 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
2.09 - Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
2.10 - Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues
2.11 - Buffalo,NY @ The Town Ballroom
2.12 - Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
2.13 - Toronto, ON @ PHoenix Concert Theatre
2.14 - Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
2.16 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Zoo
2.17 - New York, NY @ Terminal 5
2.18 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
2.19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
2.20 - New Have, CT @ Toad's place
2.22 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
2.23 - Charlotte, NC @ Amo's Southend
2.24 - Knoxville, TN @ Valarium
2.25 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
2.26 - Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House Of Blues
2.27 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution


Pegi Young will be opening for Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch.
Pegi released her album Foul Deeds earlier this year (with husband Neil Young playing guitar on a few tracks.)

12/9 – Johnny D’s / Somerville, MA
12/11 – Wadsworth Atheneum / Hartford, CT
12/13 – Jammin’ Java / Vienna, VA
12/15 – Bell House / Brooklyn, NY
12/17 – First Unitarian Church / Pittsburgh, PA

Pegi will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Dec 14 - be sure to tune in (NBC @ 12:35pm EST).


Watch Kuf Knotz' live performance at WXPN's Studios

Just the other day Kuf Knotz went to the legendary Philadelphia non-comm radio station WXPN and performed an intimate set of songs for crowd of XPN’s listeners. The songs performed come form Kuf’s new album Boombox Logic. The station’s website, “The Key” covered the event and posted 7 exclusive live tracks from these studio sessions.


Snagging more than half of the polls, critically acclaimed soul-tinged rock outfit Graffiti6, wins mtvU Freshman and gears up for “Stare into the Sun” to join regular rotation on mtvU, MTV’s 24-hour college network, starting Monday, November 15th, 2010. The single’s landslide vote to #1 on the weekly competition, further secures an already internationally adored track. It was just featured in a spot on this season’s premiere episode of Grey’s Anatomy in September, with two more features quick to follow: “Calm the Storm” will be in CSI NY on November 12th, and Angels will walk to “Stare Into the Sun” in Victoria’s Secret CBS fashion special on December 1st.
Recently stateside for New York City’s annual CMJ Music Festival, Jamie Scott and Tommy D headlined two shows for packed houses at downtown’s Rockwood Music Hall and Alphabet Lounge.
Since the band has won over a New York crowd they have been busy SELLING OUT gigs all over Europe. Up next for the guys is an overseas trip to Los Angeles as they will perform on December 6th at Ghenghis Cohen and then at Hotel Café on December 7th!
For more information, and to stay up to date on Graffiti6 go to www.graffiti6.com.

Follow them on Twitter www.twitter.com/graffiti6 , friend them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/graffiti6 , check them out on MySpace www.myspace.com/graffiti6 / and watch them on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/graffiti6music.


After much acclaim at New York City’s CMJ, it was announced today that Noah Francis’ video for his new single “Immortal” will be premiering on mtvU, MTV’s 24-hour college network. The song features Wutang Killa Beez members Prodigal Sunn and Shyheim who recently joined him for the CMJ performance at an exciting SOLD OUT gig at the Le Poisson Rouge. Noah graced the cover of the CMJ Music Report Marathon Edition, and turned many converts with his new upcoming galvanizing single “IMMORTAL.” During the week the trailer of the upcoming “IMMORTAL” video was released with an astonishing 33,000 hits in less then 24 hours. After interviews with such press outlets like Associated Press, Fox News, Hit Parader, Source Magazine, Artisan News Service, Global Grind and others, the buildup can be felt and seems to be yielding early buzzworthy results for this eclectic UK rocker.
Among these results is the exciting news that mtvU and mtvU.com will premiere Noah’s “Immortal” on Nov 16th. As the single continues to build heat at press and industry heads, Noah has been and will be continuing to gain converts with his single as he performs across the UK and US proselytizing a new fanbase. Check out what people are saying across the globe - http://www.youtube.com/noahfrancislt#p/a/u/0/I7F_CvGlLrg .

Up next for Noah and Wutang Killa Beez will be the release of “IMMORTAL” in the UK December 6th and in the US on the 7th.
For more information, and to stay up to date on Noah, logon to to http://noahfrancis.net.

Follow him on Twitter www.twitter.com/noahfrancis , friend him on Facebook www.facebook.com/NoahFrancisL, check him out on MySpace www.myspace.com/noahfrancismusic or sign up for free goodies at http://noahfrancis.fanbridge.com .

LEAETHER STRIP - Dark passages + Seasons Change - I Don't 2CD

After having paid homage to one of his mentors (John Carpenter) on his 'Haelloween' EP, Claus Larsen now goes one level further by creating the complete soundtrack for the Dark Passages movie directed by Cesar Cruz. The alchemy of their creative union shows how much both men have been inspiring each other and how they have made each other's dreams come true: "I was really inspired by the script, so 1 song turned into 3 and then in a few weeks there was a full album. I just dropped everything I had going on at the time. This was what I had been waiting for since I had hair on my head..."; says Claus Larsen. "I have been a fan of AE for as long as I started Outworld Entertainment. I guess you can call it "Fate" or something. I first heard "Strap Me Down" on a compilation and I was instantly hooked! I have been listening to AE ever since. Working with Claus has been a dream come true. Claus has become a dedicated and talented friend/team member during this project. It was amazing to work with him. The man is a machine!" adds Cesar Cruz who recently won a new award for the video clip he made for LEAETHER STRIP's previous album song "Love Me Or Die"... The Dark Passages CD features the complete versions of the songs to be used in the movie (including a bunch of vocal songs) and transports you into the film's sombre and dense atmosphere. A first glimpse into this film that you will all hopefully soon discover at one of the festivals where it's already lined-up or at its scheduled premieres... Reaching hypes on the oppressive "Everything Dies", we hope that this poignant soundtrack is the first in a series of future collaborations between both artists, challenging and taking them into other sides of their strong respective personalities.
Companion album to Dark Passages, comes the new and so aptly titled Seasons Change – I Don't 14-track album presenting new songs recorded just after the soundtrack. From the big beat of "Black Magic Man" through the dramatic feel of the depressive "Dead Swan", from the sexy and clubby groove of "Bondage is not a Crime" to the tearful intimacy of the dark elektro title song that are all hit moments for this new LEAETHER STRIP tour de force. Fans will also be thrilled by the extended versions of the soundtrack songs "Dark Passages" and "Everything Dies" which both have club hit potential, as well as of the new versions of the unavoidable "My Shadow is your home" and "Voluntary Confinement". Last but not least, two special collaborations with MORTIIS and EHRON VONALLEN put the cherry on the cake.
Seasons change... LEAETHER STRIP does NOT!

Noteworthy New Releases Tuesday November 16th, 2010:

A Day to Remember - What Separate's Me From You
The Chrystal Method - Sine Language
The Felix Culpa - Sever Your Roots [reissue]
Englishman - S/T
Girl Talk - All Day
The Glass - At Swim Two Birds
Josh Groban - Illuminations
Harmonious bec - Her Strange Dreams
INXS - Original Sin
Freddie Jackson - For You
Jesu - Heart Ache & Dethroned
Jonquil (English rock trio) - One Hundred Suns
Kid Rock - Born Free
Loreena McKennitt - The Wind That Shakes the Barley
The Methadones - S/T
Nelly - 5.0
Juice Newton - Duets: Friends & Memories
Don Omar - Don Omar Presents: Meet The Orphans
Marie Osmond - I Can Do This
Pink Martini (a 12-member "little orchestra" from Portland, Ore.) - Joy To The World
The Pipettes - The World Vs. The Pipettes
The Queers - Back to the Basement
Rascal Flatts - Nothing Like This
Rihanna - Loud
Shores - Coup de Grace
Shuteye Unison - Our Future Selves
The Sights - Most of What Follows is True
Keith Urban - Get Closer
Volumes - The Concept Of Dreaming

Kaleidoscopic Toronto Indie Rockers The Ruby Spirit Release Debut Record Born Under a Veil

With their unique combination of modern indie rock, cabaret, and 60s psychedelia, this five-piece outfit has gained a growing reputation for transforming local gigs into mesmerizing stage performances. In under a year, The Ruby Spirit’s thrilling live show has earned them headlining spots at the Mod Club, Lee’s Palace, and the Great Hall. Along the way, they’ve supported emerging indie artists like White Lies and The Golden Dogs, and historic punk artists like The Viletones and Carole Pope.
They’ve been recognized in local press, most notably for their Canadian Music Week and NXNE performances. The band's singer, Paige Boy, appeared on the cover of the internationally distributed Communication Arts Magazine July/Aug ‘10 edition.
The Ruby Spirit’s debut recording Born Under a Veil contains a collection of songs that pushes the envelope of the pop music genre. Recorded in a condemned building in the east end of Toronto that the band took over and transformed into a studio, the record is drenched with unique moments, ranging from a 50 person stomp and clap sing-along to using circus calliopes. This indie/pop/psychedelic journey is relentlessly creative yet never let's up the charm, love, and memorable choruses that give the songs such magnetism. Born Under a Veil was produced by Tony Malone (Drastic Measures, The Dishes), and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Death from Above 1979, Lights).

The Ruby Spirit is:
Paige Boy - Voice
Alex Pulec - Guitar/Voice/Theremin
Mike Macdonnell - Bass
Jay Cipparrone - Drums
Juliana Eye - Organs/Synth/Piano/Voice

Homepage: www.therubyspirit.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/therubyspirit
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearetherubyspirit
Twitter: www.twitter.com/therubyspirit_

The Ruby Spirit Perform at The Toronto Underground Cinema

A multi-dimensional takeover of a legendary cinema with Toronto's best cutting edge indie artists. The Toronto Underground Cinema will be transformed into an audio+visual playground reminiscent of Andy Warhol's "Exploding Plastic Inevitable" shows in New York City. One of the first events like this to ever take place at Toronto's underground hidden gem.

When: Saturday November 27th
Where: Toronto Underground Cinema
THE RUBY SPIRIT plays @ Midnite (12:00am)
Tix: $8 at the door / ALL AGES / still serving booze (Let us know how many Guestlist Spots you need)
Doors: 9:30pm
Event Link with more details on set times: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=160700147302379


The Boat People - Antidote (Remixes)

The Boat People want you to find the antidote to musical boredom – dance it away. They are providing this salve to their fans via radio in the form of a brand, spanking new double A-side and remix package.
The Boat People are one of Australia’s finest indie bands with multiple UK and US tours, airplay on international radio including KCRW, XFM, Triple J and more. Their new album Dear Darkly has had critical acclaim around Australia through singles including Under the Ocean, Echo Stick Guitars and Damn Defensive and are now making an assault on the world with this new remix package.
This package features the one, two hit of anti-boredom of The Boat People’s latest Dear Darkly album cuts "Antidote", a special edit of "Dance to My Pain" and additional remixes by No Device and Ming the Merciless. The selected tracks, "Dance to My Pain" and "Antidote" with their upbeat, dance vibes were perfect candidates for remixing and dance party radio playlists.
No Device brings the beats for remixes of both tracks - "Antidote" and "Dance to Pain" and Ming the Merciless bust out their "Antidote Pantydote" remix. The opening two tracks of the package (a radio edit of "Dance to My Pain" and "Antidote") were written by James O’Brien, who also penned band’s first single from the album, "Damn Defensive".

The Waylons - New Song, 'Everyone Talking', Free Download

The Waylons are pleased to announce the immediate and limited release of the new song, “Everyone Talking,” available for free download on the band’s site and also for streaming on the blog and other sites (see below). The single is a one of a continuing series of free releases, and will also be offered for purchase when the series is complete. The next Waylons single will be released soon, so get this one while you can!

Please feel free to repost mp3: http://waylons.com/media/thewaylons_everyonetalking.mp3

Also: The Waylons are playing the RHTL Party (with DJ sets by Jaime XO) on Saturday, December 11, at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow Street, New York, NY). Other bands TBA.

Free downloads here





Iyeoka's Evolving Album

Founder and lead singer of The Rock by Funk Tribe, Iyeoka is at the forefront of a new artistic genre that gracefully interweaves spoken word poetry with jazz, blues, gospel and electronic soul. The buzz surrounding her poem-songs has garnered her national attention and led to performances at the TBS Trumpet Awards, the Sullivan Honors Awards at the Kennedy Center, the CBS hip hop show The Source All Access, and Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam. In 2009, she won second place in the Individual World Poetry Jam.
A first-generation Nigerian-American, Iyeoka was a practicing pharmacist before launching her career as a poet, singer, activist and educator. In her native Esan language, Iyeoka means “I want to be respected.” By channeling her culture and ancestral influences, she delivers an authentic and inspiring message of healing through the power of the moment.
In 2009, Iyeoka decided to transform her sound and songwriting approach and began working with producer David Franz to breathe new melodic and musical life into her poetry. Iyeoka released two EPs that year called This Time Around and Run Into the Rain. The new music infused more pop, R&B, dance, and hip hop into the mix, creating an “electronic soul” sound.
Iyeoka’s latest single, “The Yellow Brick Road Song” received national placement in an episode of the new hit HBO series “How To Make It In America,” gaining many positive reviews for both lyrical content and musical composition.
Her newest album SAY YES (released this week) evokes her revelatory spirit. The creative vision for SAY YES is more expansive than one medium, so for this project Iyeoka will release SAY YES as an Evolving Album. Available as of November 9, the evolving version of SAY YES will be sold exclusively from Iyeoka’s website, and every week new content (whether that be in the form of a song, video or poem) will be added to the album. Fans are able to join the SAY YES journey whenever they like. No matter the part of the ever-evolving journey at which fans decide to join and purchase SAY YES, they will be sent the additional content as the project continues to evolve.
Iyeoka will be touring in support of the release, including several performances at TED conferences. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non profit organization dedicated to the spread of ideas, of which Iyeoka is a global fellow. Past tours have included support slots for artists such as Femi Kuti, Zap Mama, Soulive and performances at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. As Iyeoka continues on her artistic and spiritual journey, her warm spirit, stirring lyrics and passionate performances leave audiences not only entertained but also transformed with empowerment.

11/11 – TEDxEast (Times Center) New York, NY
11/12 - St. Johns University (D’Angelo Center) Queens, NY
11/21 - Lizard Lounge Boston, MA
12/01 – TEDxAlcatraz (Temple Night Club) San Francisco, CA
12./07 – TED WOMEN Washington, DC
12/08 – TEDWOMEN Washington, DC

Ex-Moldy Peaches Only Son's Magic

When Jack Dishel was a tot, he realized he couldn't live without music. He went through a childhood metalhead phase (which prompted him to start playing the drums) and an adolescent hip-hop phase (which launched his successful jaunt writing graffiti on trains and running from cops).
After discovering the world of indie rock in college, Jack picked up a guitar, formed a band, played all over NYC, impressed Adam Green and Kimya Dawson and before he knew it, he was wearing a tiara and a mini-skirt as the guitarist for The Moldy Peaches.
He's now making super smart, catchy music under the name Only Son. He's opened for Regina Spektor and former bandmate Adam Green a ton, and now he's releasing Only Son's second record, Searchlight on Jan 18th.



Showbread harbors some strange tendencies when it comes to music and art. Hardcore punk, pop, alternative and industrial are only a few of the genres that make up the bizarre amalgamation that is Showbread’s self described “Raw Rock” sound. Stranger still is the way one genre devours another on each new Showbread record, jarring and dividing their fan base every time. On the band’s sixth album Who Can Know It?—which will be released as a free download through Comeandlive.com on November 16th, 2010—Showbread showcases their most grandiose stylistic shift like a badge, and rightfully so, it’s the best the band has ever sounded.
Earlier this year Showbread announced not only their departure from longtime home Tooth And Nail records (one of the largest independent record labels in the world) but also their intentions to partner with non-profit organization Come&Live! and offer their subsequent album and its supporting tour both as gifts; completely free of charge. Who would fund the album? The fans… and quickly; within one week of Showbread’s 90 day fundraiser the band had raised the entire album budget by offering special pre-order gifts to donors. Before the 90 days ended they had raised several times as much. With absolutely no mainstream popularity and no record label Showbread raised more money than most independent record labels can offer a band of their size to record an album. Times have certainly changed. Singer Josh Dies acknowledges the crumbling state of the music industry but insists the Showbread’s new model wasn’t in the same spirit as, say, Radiohead or Trent Reznor.
“Even considering the sorry state the industry is in, the move wasn’t about reinventing the wheel, it was about believing in a message of hope so sincerely that you’d much rather hand it out as a gift than charge someone for it.”
The message in question comes to full flower both sonically and lyrically on Who Can Know It?: the band’s most sincere and developed sounding effort to date. Teaming once again with long-time production collaborators Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash) and Rich Veltrop (Phantom Planet, Slayer) familiar listeners have come to expect the unexpected, but will they expect a record this unexpected?
Those expecting traces of Showbread’s blistering Refused and Nine Inch Nails influences might be more than a little surprised to find the latest change finds the band sounding like a Raw Rock version of The Eagles and R.E.M. If those same listeners can recover from the initial shock they’ll go on to find the most expanded, earnest, heartbreaking and original music of Showbread’s career; piano driven ballads, haunting vocal melodies, simultaneously dark and uplifting lyrics, dense layers of instrumentation and a notable lack of power chords or screaming vocals. It seems that Raw Rock has developed to a completely unexpected full maturity; Raw Rock is all grown up.
Who Can Know It? will be released as a free download on Comeandlive.com and to traditional online media outlets on November 16th, 2010. Showbread will begin their first completely free tour in early 2011.


11.11.10-Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall
11.12.10-New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks
11.13.10-Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
11.14.10-Corpus Christi, TX @ House of Rock
11.16.10-San Antonio, TX @ Korova
11.17.10-Austin, TX @ Red Seven
11.18.10-Denton, TX @ The Boller Room
11.19.10-Oklahoma City, TX @ The Conservatory
11.20.10-Albuquerque, NM @ the Launch Pad
11.21.10-Tempe, AZ @ Chasers
11.23.10-San Diego, CA @ Casbah
11.24.10-Victorville, CA @ Victorville Events Center
11.26.10-Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour
11.27.10-San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
11.28.10-Santa Cruz, CA @ Blue Lagoon
11.29.10-Stockton, CA @ Plea For Peace Center
11.30.10-Sacramento, CA @ Plea For Peace Youth Center
12.01.10-Porland, OR @ Dante's
12.03.10-Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
12.04.10-Spokane, WA @ Cretin Hop
12.05.10-Billings, MT @ Railyard
12.07.10-Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theater
12.08.10-Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
12.09.10-Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
12.10.10-Madison, WI @ Frequency
12.11.10-Chicago, IL @ Reggies Rock Club
12.12.10-Detroit, MI @ Small's
12.14.10-Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
12.15.10-Newport, KY @ The Southgate House
12.16.10-St. Louis, MO @ Firebird
12.17.10-Paducah, KY @ Gamers Paradise

Fake Problems New Tour Dates, Free Downloads, and More!‏

Fake Problems recently recorded some acoustic songs for Maker's Mark Red Wax
Sessions. Fake Problems were joined by Surfer Blood, DOM, Bear Hands and
more. The sessions can be downloaded for FREE at:

They also launched a brand new online store. http://www.fakeproblemsmerch.com

Fake Problems have added new tour dates:
12/1 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits*
12/2 Birmingham, AL Firehouse*
12/4 St. Louis, MO The Firebird*
12/5 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen*
12/6 Pittsburgh,PA Garfield Artworks*
12/7 Allston, MA Great Scott*
12/9 Quebec City, QC L'Agitee#
12/10 Ottowa, ON Maverick's Bar#
12/11 Montreal, QC Underworld#
12/13 Peterborough, ON The Legendary Red Dog#
12/14 Barrie, ON The Mansion#
12/15 Kitchener, ON The Schwaben#
12/16 Hamilton, ON The Casbah#
12/17 Toronto, ON Sneaky Dee's#
12/18 London, ON Call The Office#
12/19 Toronto, ON Sneaky Dee's#
12/20 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place %
12/27 Asbury Park, NJ The Stone Pony ^
12/28 Washington D.C. The Red Palace %
12/29 Norfolk, VA Jewish Mother Backstage %
12/30 Atlanta, GA The Earl %

* w/ Ninja Gun
# w/ the Flatliners, the Menzingers
^ w/ the Bouncing Souls, The Swellers, Lemuria
% w/ TBA

If they're not playing your city, please head to the Fake Problems Eventful
page and request they play your city. They'll make sure they get there, and you'll
be notified when they add the date.

Dustin Kenrue's This Goodnight Is Still Everywhere (Limited Edition LP) Available Now!‏

Dustin Kensrue's Christmas music album, This Good Night Is Still Everywhere, is available beginning today for the first time on limited edition vinyl. The solo, mostly–acoustic collection was originally issued as a digital-only release in 2008. This new vinyl edition features two bonus tracks, including a cover of mewithoutYou's "A Stick, A Carrot & String." For fans that previously purchased the digital album, the two additional songs will be available for individual download at all digital retailers.
Only 1,000 hand-numbered pieces of vinyl will be pressed and will be split in two colorways - 500 red and 500 green. The package is $15 (plus shipping) and features brand new artwork, liner notes with track descriptions written by Dustin himself, includes a digital download card and can be purchased here: http://www.merchlackey.com/vagrant/index.php?page=655.

AbsolutePunk.net is also giving away a pair of tickets to every date on the 2010 Where’s The Band? Tour along with a copy of the limited edition vinyl! Click Here to enter!
Kensrue, who is also vocalist and guitarist for Southern California's Thrice, wrote, recorded, and produced This Good Night Is Still Everywhere, while mixing duties were handled by Thrice guitarist Teppei Teranishi.
In December Kensrue will once again be joining Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams), Chris Conley (Saves The Day, Two Tongues) and Anthony Raneri (Bayside) for another Where's The Band? tour on the east coast (see dates below).

This Good Night Is Still Everywhere track listing:
1. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
2. Christmas Blues
3. Blue Christmas
4. Fairytale of New York
5. This Good Night Is Still Everywhere
6. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
7. Come, O Come, Emmanuel
8. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
9. Holy Night
10. This Is War
11. A Stick, A Carrot & String
12. Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

Where's The Band? dates:
12/08 – Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
12/09 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
12/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
12/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/12 – New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom

Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Kill Brand Launches New Winter Line

Use Code “OrginalKillers” At Checkout for 20% Off!

Einstürzende Neubauten-Album Out Digitally NOW! Touring in December!

12/1 – Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box
12/2 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex
12/3 – San Francisco, CA – The Filmore
12/4 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
12/8 – Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre
12/9 – Chicago, IL – Metro
12/11 - Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
12/12 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
12/14 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
12/15 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

Einstürzende Neubauten – Blixa Bargeld, N.U. Unruh, Alexander Hacke, Rudolf Moser and Jochen Arbeit – celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the band with the release of Strategies Against Architecture IV and US tour dates in December. The compilation album is released digitally today (November 9, 2010) with a two disc physical release set for December 7, 2010.
Strategies Against Architecture IV is the fourth album in the archival compilation series by Neubauten and collates the band’s output from 2002-2010, a period which saw Einstürzende Neubauten release Perpetuum Mobile (Mute), embark on the “Musterhaus” series (finalised in 2007), the release of Grundstück (CD & DVD, 2005), Palast der Republik (DVD, 2006), Alles wieder offen (2007) and their most recent release The Jewels (2008). During this time, the band began their groundbreaking series of ‘Supporter Albums’. For these releases, the band, via www.neubauten.org, engaged fans in a subscription model that entirely financed several releases and gave the ‘Supporters’ unprecedented exclusive access to the recording process.
Strategies Against Architecture IV is a double disc release including material from the band’s deeply symbolic appearance at Berlin’s Palast der Republik - the former seat of power of the German Democratic Republik, featuring The Social Choir of 100 supporter voices; live recordings such as YouMe & MeYou (from Vienna); Bertolt Brecht Und Der Weltempfänger (featuring “a roll of gaffer tape descending a staircase”) as well as material from the “Musterhaus” series (a collection of very limited edition experimental albums that were available exclusively via the band’s website).
Einstürzende Neubauten’s 30th anniversary will be celebrated with a tour through Europe and the US. Two shows will be performed in each, select city at different venues that are significant to the band. A concert will be played the first night with the second night billed as ‘An Evening With Einstürzende Neubauten’. For this show, the band will present the audience with a mixed program of films, solo shows, guests and friends including a shorter concert performance of material that has rarely or never been played live.

www.neubauten.org | www.mute.com