Muja Messiah - "Leech Lake"

"Leech Lake" is the new Minnesota anthem. Touching on all things relevant in 45-degrees north and the land of "Yeah, yeah, you betchya," Muja Messiah crafts a powerful song that hits close to home, while maintaining the wit and good-humor that comes with living under snow for half of the year.
The city comes alive with shout outs to ice fishing with white women, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Jam & Terry, big spoon with a cherry, Liquor Lyle's, Pizza Luce, fried walleye dinners, snow boarding, recording, Denny Hecker, Gophers, Vikings, Friedman's, Somalian Crips, Jesse Ventura, Keith Ellison, Verb X, Kalid El-Amin & Brock Lesner in this celebratory track.
But the real line the strikes at the heart of Minne-snow-ta is: “Shotgun a beer / shotgun a deer ... We all about beautiful women, I'm talking Robyn Robinson, Black Blondie, Lucy Michelle, my little girl Niani."
Muja Messiah's new mixtape, M-16s, is out now on Black Corners.

Muja Messiah has been hailed as Minneapolis next great hop-hop messiah, after a few false starts, real life battles and the loss of several family members and close friends, either through the jail system or violent deaths, that so often await many of his peers and friends. The Minneapolis-based MC known for his politically incorrect satire, combines serious comedy and street anthems to create a ‘thinking man’s’ hip-hop. A member of the notorious Raw Villa, a hard-knock hip-hop crew that released the Rebellion ep (Black Corners) in 2000, followed by Muja Messiah’s solo ep Wutz Goin’Down!!!? (Black Corners) 2001. A veteran figures on Minneapolis underground scene. Muja Messiah has crafted a hardcore debut dedicated to the streets of Minneapolis.
What you won’t here from Muja is politically correct lyrics, but politically charged themes like the powerful anti-Bush anthems “Patriot Act” feat. I-Self Divine and “Give It Up” feat. Black Thought (The Roots). Those themes run throughout, lyrically full of passion for the rap game and love of Minneapolis. Working with longtime producer Doc (Esthero/RES/Young Buck) on “Growing Pains” Muja shows a vulnerable side as he navigates his life story in three parts. In what originally started as Niggivity in 2006 later evolved, scrapping that title and recording a new batch of songs including the bangers “You Betcha”, ” Never be Broke Again”, “Pulling Stings” and “Pretty Gurl” with uber producer Che Vicious (Eminem/50 Cent/L.Hill) in Los Angles, Ca. in the spring of 2007. Armed with new bangers from Che Vicious and advice from Slug and I-Self Devine, Muja set out to make a classic and rep Minneapolis, through a narrative that weaves through daily struggles and triumphs of a b-boy/d-boy. A generation raised strictly on hip-hop and its cousin the street drug culture. As many youth of this generation face the anger at the status quo, through observations of social awareness, coming of age stories, tales of Minneapolis and its unique culture-clash. The journeys of a b-boy d-boy follows the tales through pop culture references, personal loss, hustling’ anthems.
Muja Messiah’s featured on Atmosphere’s Strictly Leakage on “Crewed Up”, URB Next 1000 with “Beautiful” feat. Samahra (Black Blondie) and reppin’ Minnesota on Vibe’s 51 Best Myspace Rappers. Muja Messiah released MPLS Massacre vol.1. with it’s more hardcore,aggressive tracks including the internet jumps “Amy Winehouse”, “Patriot Act” ft.I-Self Devine, MIA’s “Paper Planes” , O’Silly Me” ft. Slug, and “True Lies”. Walking the titerope between hardcore street anthems, humor laced party joints and political manifestos.


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