Introducing RUCKUS FO'TET!

Originally formed in January 2009 the Ruckus Fo’tet is a Jazz-fusion ensemble with influences stemming from modern Jazz, Hip-hop, Rock, Funk, and Latin genres. The members of the group met while attending the McGill Schulich School of Music’s Jazz Program in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Performing chiefly original material, the group’s compositions draw influence from artists such as Herbie Hancock, J Dilla, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Although
primarily an instrumental ensemble the Fo’tet occasionally collaborates with Montreal’s esteemed MC Kweku Sam Kofie, MC Milla Thyme, and vocalist Sarah MK. In Montreal the Fo’tet is building its reputation on the live music scene with recent performances at the 2009 Montreal International Jazz Festival, 2010 McGill Nuit Blanche and Open Air Pub events, as well as with performances at notable venues such as Upstairs Jazz Club, L’Absythne and Trois Minots.
Known for their soulful originals and deep in-the-pocket grooves, the Fo’tet takes pride in delivering performances that are both groovy and intellectual. The combination of groove, thoughtful arrangements, and Jazz-inflected improvisational elements make the ensemble’s music accessible to anyone from the jazz aficionado to hip-hop lover to rock enthusiast and to the casual music listener. The group’s distinct electro-acoustic sound is cumulated via the combination of acoustic drums, tenor saxophone, electric bass, and electric guitar.

The Ruckus Fo’tet comprised of:
Jarryd Torff - Tenor Saxophone (Fairfield, Connecticut,USA)
Evan Stewart - Electric Bass (Edmonton, Alberta,Canada)
Dave Ison- Electric Guitar (Whiterock, BC, Canada)
Efa Etoroma, Jr.- Drums and Cymbals (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Max Miller- MC (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)