WELCOME TO THE FANTAZZ! -- Self-Titled Debut Album Available On October 14

Every once in a while, a group or artist comes along and treats us all to a carnival ride of musical fun. FANTAZZMO is just that ride! Led by guitarist/vocalist Sergio Bedolla, the band’s 70’s-esque sound ranges in style from rock, pop and R&B to jazz, funk and hip-hop. Fantazzmo I: Enter the Fantazzwill be released on October 14 and available through all major digital retail outlets.
As an enthusiast of all music, Bedolla takes his inspiration from such rock legends as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin while acknowledging the likes of 311, Sublime and Rage Against the Machine. While not wanting to commit to one style of music, Bedolla has created a rock n’ roll alter ego: FANTAZZMO creating a diverse musical palate on Enter the Fantazz, ranging in style from rock and pop to R&B, from jazz to funk and hip-hop. Bedolla’s alter ego, FANTAZZMO is one of the most versatile musical units heard today.
Many fans will remember Bedolla from his days with popular L.A.-based band, Anima/Idle, who earned their hard-hitting reputation while playing countless shows along Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. They garnered national acclaim after they were featured in Spin Magazine, earning them the opening spot for Blink-182. After Bedolla’s departure from the band, due to personal reasons, Bedolla eventually rekindled his relationship with the members of Anima/Idle and found that all the magic he had shared with his bandmates was still there. Capitalizing on his success with bassist Rodax from his Anima/Idle days and alongside producer Tone (Green Day, Santana, Monte Negro), renowned drummer Randy Cooke (Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks), Bedolla hit Los Angeles’ Tonality and Stagg St. Studios to record tracks for Fantazzmo I: Enter the Fantazz.
FANTAZZMO courageously explores every angle of songwriting and instrumental ability. Bedolla’s writing prowess with the first single, “Superman,” embraces psychedelic rock and funk in a unique way, with lyrics about lust and love. “This song was just goin’ for it! I can’t help but be one of the billions of men who think about women and sex all of the time,” explains Bedolla. Taking cues from rap and hip-hop, Bedolla’s alt-rock has a similar energy and honesty, which he demonstrates throughout the album. “I Know You’re Mine” lyrically exposes Bedolla’s process in becoming a jack-of-all-trades, and fully embraces a funk/groove feel, offering balance and harmony to the album. “I was spread thin, giving all I possibly could to my family, work and the band,” Bedolla recalls, “I had to face my fears and take a leap.” Following his cue, everyone can climb aboard this musical rollercoaster of fun that isFANTAZZMO, just take the leap, hold on tight, and enjoy!

Fantazzmo I: Enter the Fantazz track listing:
1. Superman
2. I Know You’re Mine
3. Drown Your Lies
4. She Really Likes
5. We Are Waiting For You
6. Eternal Abyss (Instrumental)
7. Souls On Ice
8. Reciprocity
9. What You Doin To Me
10. Always Something
11. Fear In Me
12. Cancion De La Gitana (Instrumental)