Victory Records' VicTorV Program Enters New Era

VicTorV #62 continues the new era in the program's entertainment history featuring rotating celebrity hosts (VicTorV #61 was hosted by internationally famous professional wrestler and author Mick Foley). This month's episode is hosted by THE SOUP NAZI (actor Larry Thomas) of SEINFELD fame. THE SOUP NAZI serves you exclusive artist interviews along with new music videos from STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO, THE SLEEPING, & THE SCENIC. As a special side dish, THE SOUP NAZI offers you a sneak peak at the upcoming video from COMEBACK KID and discovers an old A DAY TO REMEMBER recipe, or, video starring actor/personality RON JEREMY.
VicTorV is the only in-house, record label produced, monthly video program in the recorded music industry that showcases exclusive artist interviews, live performances and behind the scenes footage, music news, product information and Victory artists’ music videos. VicTorV is a free program available internationally on the Internet and podcast via iTunes. The iTunes podcast has close to 300,000 subscribers with Internet viewership estimated at 250,000+.

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