New Album From Grant Cutler (Lookbook) Out 10/19

The new self-titled EP from Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords is completely different from what one might expect from the mind of Grant Cutler: it’s slow, it’s dark and it’s far more internally focused than what made him originally a B-Lister with Lookbook.
Cutler’s deep and warm croon carries the sparse EP with thoughtful phrasing over the general minor mood of the album. Lovingly referred to as the “Summer Bummer” EP, the album accomplishes more than just projecting Cutler’s inner dark-matter, but also reveals a whole new side of the trend-setting Minneapolis heart-throb.
In the end, we learn that Cutler is truly a man of dichotomy: in public he is warm, funny and accessible; but behind closed doors, he is thoughtful, brooding and even a bit dramatic.
The EP will be self-released on October 19. A limited pressing of 100 copies will be made, however, the album will be available digitally.

MP3: Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords - "Our Love Is A Mighty Fortress"