Karnivool Wraps Up US Tour, Gains Tons of Great Press!

Karnivool just wrapped their US tour here in LA last night, check out what people are saying about the band after the tour! And then check them out for yourselves!
"Their 2010 release, Sound Awake, is evidence that they deserve, and will likely attain, a much larger audience in the States.
Catch them at the club before you're paying too much for the arena experience a few years from now."

“Epic Australian monsters”
- Kyle Anderson, MTV

“This is a group that can engage the little mind as it joyously stomps all over the loud-music spectrum and invents a few choice points in between.
Karnivool's way-melodic and slightly weird hash of anthem-worthy mammoth riffs, polyrhythmic smack-ups and soaring guitar comes in multiple parts and odd time signatures.
There's also singer Kenny's tormented howls about who knows what, but it sure sounds forking epic. Aw, t'heck with all that — the real fist-pumpin', hair-flingin' action happens tonight when the Vool hit the stage at the Troub. Please demand the awe-inspiring "Set Fire to the Hive" and prepare to have thy face blown off.”
- John Payne, LA WEEKLY

"Karnivool is a carnival of sound, a cacophony of serious melody, ringing out beautifully to a full crescendo. In fact, the entire venue was captivated.
At times, it was easy to catch folks just staring ahead, adrift in the music, while others snapped out of it, crowd surfing towards the end of the set before
chanting ‘Karnivool’ for another 10- to 12-minute encore of epic 'Change'.”
- Tina Benitez, NY PRESS

"The band, which is on tour to promote their second album, 2009’s Sound Awake, crafts heavy, spacious, exploratory compositions with intricate soloing and harder riffage, thunderous and surprisingly groove-oriented rhythms, and a frontman who can get quiet and pensive, or wail his pain to the heavens."

"the songs on the 2009 Karnivool full-length Sound Awake slither through their multiple parts and odd time signatures as well as anything on 10,000 Days. Throughout the record, growling bass and pealing, atmospheric guitars explode into anthemic choruses that find Kenny screaming from the edge of a cliff in a voice that’s one part Keenan-esque anguish to two-parts of Thom Yorke’s anxiety."

“prog-rocking brand of epic bombast”

"a sound that's larger than life"

"These Aussies play music that is heavy through and through, but at the same time terrifically beautiful. Mammoth-sized rhythms and riffs combine with blinding melodies and abstract, but memorable, vocal lines, as if they are leading the listener up a ladder of light and sound to some cosmic Nirvana, all the while teetering on the edge of total collapse.
It isn’t the destination that is important, though. It is the journey, artful, suspenseful and stunning."
- Andrew Magnotta, THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY

"Karnivools uncanny aesthetics and knack to play it up left listeners and attendees feeling like they were in some sort of spacey, mesmerizing dream. Just like frontman Kenny, the music had a hold on almost everyone in attendance. Witnessing such an influential musical powerhouse reminded me that the brilliant power of music is only as good as the band performing it."

“I and, it seemed, most of the audience, were astonished by the energetic and unbelievably solid performance that Karnivool put on for the first 40 minutes of the night. With a complex blend fitting somewhere between punching metal, dreamy psychedelia and thunderously off-kilter rhythms, the band played a rather thrilling set that got more than a few people jumping about, and even cheering DURING songs instead of just between them.”

“Weaving songs from their first full-length album, Themata, with material from their latest release, Sound Awake, the band displayed the unique blend of metal grooves, tribal breakdowns and melodic interludes that has marked their rise through the ranks of the music industry.”

"Karnivool is one of the brightest spots in the world of rock music today. Their album, Sound Awake, is one of the best records of the year, as is their song 'New Day.'"