Israel Cannan - Walk

Some might call it a rite of passage or coming of age. Some, a boys’ own adventure. Whatever it was, it was a musician’s inspirational and personal journey that saw him cross a continent...
In February of 2010, singer/songwriter Israel Cannan left his home on the East Coast of New South Wales to travel around Australia, creating, inspiring and promoting as he went.
At the early age of 18 Israel released his first EP and after surviving the ups and downs of the industry including successful tours and radio attention, Cannan wanted to go back to basics. The corporate industry didn’t nourish the soul and he decided to take his next offering to the people organically, showing them his music face to face on the street and learning more about himself in the process.
Completing his debut album “Walk” on which he wrote, engineered and played all the instruments on, Israel strapped his guitar to his back and set off in an old van with a friend by his side to film the experience and share his journey with the world.
Driving through every state in Australia and visiting some of the most remote places on Earth living only off money from busking, Cannan spent months playing for locals and handing out free singles from the album to people on street corners all over the country.
Israel said of his journey: "I have never wanted to wait around for some elusive big break that may or may not come. There is a whole world of people out there that will connect with what I do, I just have to find them..."
What ensued was an amazing journey, both physically and personally for Israel as his album “Walk” was given birth to in the hearts and minds of the people he met. Documenting his journey through a series of 22 video journal entries posted to YouTube, Israel reunited with his family in September, coinciding with the worldwide release of “Walk” through his own Poets Corner Records.

"Walk" is out now throughout the world and parts of his journey are available to watch here:

The album is available throughout the world, digitally over itunes and physical copies are available via his website