Indie Rockers, THORCRAFT COBRA, ready to release EP

Canadian cold meets California cool on The Thorcraft Cobra EP. This creative, LA-based duo put their love for melody and some sweet old amplifiers to work to craft some engaging and heartfelt tunes.
Billy Zimmer (guitar/bass/vocals) and Tammy Glover (drums/background vocals) first met in previous projects while they were on the same label–the now defunct, but influential, Permanent Press Recordings. The two musicians always hatched plans to record together and, after a prolonged gestation (with Billy biding his time while Tammy toured the world and recorded with brothers Ron and Russell Mael, aka Sparks), Thorcraft Cobra finally came into being.
The name is unusual and evocative and comes from, of all things, Billy’s love of Vintage amplifiers. “I was telling Tammy about this Thorcraft Cobra amp I was using to record and she said ‘That should be the name of the band.’ I was thrown off a bit, but when I thought about it, I knew she was right,” he said. Billy’s collection is not limited to the primary amp used in the recording (that is featured on the cover of the EP). He adds “I also have a vintage Hiwatt Custom 100 - the official amp of tinnitus (wear earplugs kids) - and a sweet 30th Anniversary reissue AC30 Vox that I have been told was used by Gilby Clarke on the G n’ R Use Your Illusion tour. It has a number 15 stenciled on the back!”
With a host of special guests - including Tammy’s Sparks bandmate Russell Mael, and Sabrosa Purr’s Will Love - The Thorcraft Cobra EP touches on all manner of musical landscapes in a brief yet rewarding 20 minutes. “The song ‘True Love’ resonated with me because we live in LA and I’m surrounded by so many boys who resist commitment,” says Tammy. “For me, those connections have only added depth and richness to my life. So, I hear a melancholy in that song that means something different to me than it does to Billy.” She adds “I also thought the lyric, ‘Up in the hills, the air is clear. I can see downtown and the sea from here,’ was a beautiful way to write about Laurel Canyon. A lot of people have written music or been inspired by that area and I loved the image. It calls up making the record and seeing the sun go down over the canyon.”
A standout track for many listeners is the anthemic “Party Clock.” “It’s about being in a club in your 30’s and seeing all those 22 year old girls and not being able to completely relate to them, but still wanting to… Well, they just look great.” says Billy. With his trademark sardonic delivery, Billy says of the theme for “I’m Not Sorry,” “It’s just your run of the mill boring tale of Maxim models, cocaine, sex toys and the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department. I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you the full story.”
Select dates are being set up throughout the winter, so fans can experience the EP live. “I love playing live,” explains Tammy. “I love the ritual of setting up the drums, the rhythm of touring and living in the bubble of playing music. It’s a self-contained ecosystem with just enough randomness (the audience!) to keep it fresh every night.” Billy and Tammy also plan to have exclusive online concerts for fans very soon via