GoRemy's "The Falafel Album" will have a digital release on September 14th via Comedy Central Records

Remy Munasifi aka GoRemy is back with six brand new tracks that are sure to rock the Internet. GoRemy’s latest offering, The Falafel Album to be released digitally on Comedy Central Records on September 14th, is a hilarious collection of songs featuring the trademark humor that has helped his videos garner 50 million views worldwide. Featuring new songs like “Saudis in Audis,” “Grandma: The Rap,” and “Falafel Song,” GoRemy's new album will not disappoint listeners of all ages!
Hailing from MacLcean, VA, GoRemy spent his college years at West Virginia University. During this time, he performed at comedy clubs around the region where his jokes would be heard by hundreds and laughed at by dozens. Remy bought a camera in the Fall of 2006 and has been making videos ever since. His first video on the Virginia Senate race was discussed in the Washington Times and the National Journal. He has continued creating substantive geopolitical works with videos such as "Two Percent Milk", "Eggs Over Easy", It's Been Declined," and Warcraft: The Rap."