Golden Veins Announce Singles Club

Exclusive Zip of the first 6 months of singles for review!
Four Membership Options Including Personalized Songs, Cassettes
The first release from Golden Veins won’t be a traditional album, but will instead take the form of a year-long digital project dubbed the Golden Veins Singles Club. Every month, a new “digital 45” will be released, featuring two brand-new songs as well as a remix of the a-side.

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In addition to purchasing singles individually, there are also four membership options available, which offer additional bonus materials and merchandise.

The four options are as follows:
1.) Option ONE consists of:
One digital “single” per month for 12 months, beginning September 14th. Each single consists of 2 original tracks and a remix by 1 of 12 brilliant producers. These singles also come with high resolution artwork created by some of the greatest artists we could get our hands on.

2.) Option TWO consists of
Option one PLUS…
Eight limited edition cassette tapes. Great for when your iPods inevitably fail.

3.) Option THREE consists of:
Option two PLUS…
Two limited edition 12” vinyl records. The first will be released at the 6th month, the second to close out the year of singles. These records will consist of the same songs that are available digitally, only they will be rearranged and strung together with additional material in a way that creates a more cohesive and completely different listening experience; one that doesn’t focus on individual tracks, but instead begs for a complete and thorough listen of the album as a whole (each side is a single 16 minute “mega-mix” of sorts).
(Special limited time price of $45. Actual price: $50)

4.) Option FOUR consists of:
Option three PLUS…
Two limited edition art prints. Hand printed and numbered.
One Golden Veins t-shirt. Choose from any available design.
Two free admissions to any Golden Veins show.
Your very own personal Golden Veins track. We will cover any song of your choice, arranging and recording it in Golden Veins style specifically for YOU!
(Special limited time price of $55. Actual price: $75)

For more information or to join the Singles Club, check out the website here: