EDISUN’s self-titled album was 5 years in the making – 4 ½ of those years spent on the road, playing for American troops abroad – and is proving worth the extended wait! In stores TODAY – September 28, 2010 – EDISUN (FOF Entertainment/EMI) was produced by Claude Villani, a long-time collaborator, and mixed at NRG Studios in Los Angeles by Jay Baumgardner. The band created an aurally rich, musically diverse record that reflects the universal hunger, creativity and vulnerability of youth.
EDISUN’s wildly eclectic self-titled debut is passionate and euphoric, brimming with energy, attitude, melody and dynamics. “Wide Wake” kicks off the disc with a rhythm that ebbs and flows like the ocean at high tide and a guitar line that cuts through the vocals like barbed wire. “Right Beside You” builds from delicate strumming and ringing guitar tones into a shower of yearning vocals and cascading Beatlesy harmonies. And “To Die For” combines a sinuous, distorted blues riff from guitarist Jonathan Svec (ex- Splendor) and a deep, echoing bass line into a churning slab of molten volume heightened by vocalist Ethan Isaac’s impacting tenor vibrato. Isaac adds his own explanation, “‘Wide Wake’ and ‘Too Pretty,’ are good time rock and roll / Saturday night party songs. Our first single, ‘Medicate,’ is about how they make a pill for everything these days. You can feel pretty much any way you want just by medicating. Simply put, it is a call to take action and not just try to escape your problems.”
Upon wrapping up their summer tour with label mates- Smile Empty Soul, the band shot the video for “Medicate”, directed by Devin Dehaven (Papa Roach, Smile Empty Soul, Everlast) at the Salton Sea in Southern California. OUTLAW star, Jesse Bradford filmed a cameo for the clip last week.

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