Dada Trash Collage Debuts Song From Forthcoming Sci-Fi Themed LP

Minneapolis' resident avant-electro mastermind Dada Trash Collage is proud to announce the release of "Two Eyes," the lead single from his upcoming LP Cool Waves, Bad Days which will be released this fall.
Cool Waves, Bad Days marks the first true solo release for William Freed since the departure of his musical partner/drummer Richard Bell. Although there is no longer a live drummer in the mix, the albums haven't lost their incredibly percussive overtones, in fact according to Freed "It is the most percussive record I have done. It has mostly been a change in what kind of percussion there is, rather than how much. This time around it is more about heavy toms and field recordings."
Although 2010 has been far from a musical drought for Dada Trash Collage, Cool Waves' takes a large departure thematically as well as sonically from the two previous records this year. The lyrics and overall feeling of the record is heavily inspired by old Sci-Fi flicks Freed has sunk his teeth into since writing Neighbors. When asked to explain why the Sci-Fi inspiration Freed said, "The influence came from the emotions those stories typically cover. They are all based on isolation and feeling out of place, which is how it felt when I started playing solo. I also loved their soundtracks and visuals, and attempting to create a musical way of correlating it all together."
The track started hitting the wires over the holiday weekend, helping to further the buzz created by the two previous 2010 releases by Dada Trash Collage - Rain War EP and Neighbors, which were both received by critical acclaim. See below to check out or download "Two Eyes" and the album artwork for the upcoming LP.

"Two Eyes"
Check out the .mp3 here: