Subhumans on tour in Canada !

Legendary Canadian punk group Subhumans emerged in 1978 ,their first album “Incorrect Thoughts” was released on Vancouver label Friends Records in 1980. They always planned to make their older material available again, but a now defunct San Francisco label had issued an unauthorized version of “Incorrect Thoughts” in the ‘80s which substituted some remixes without the band's knowledge, included tracks which hadn't made the cut for the original album, and changed the cover art. It was an unpleasant mystery for the band and three decades later the former owner of that label was asserting ownership over the original album, preventing its re-release without an expensive and contentious legal tussle.
The Subhumans decided to meet the challenge to their ownership of their own material by rerecording all of the songs from the “Incorrect Thoughts” album, which they proceeded to do at the Hive Studios in Vancouver, assisted by Jesse Gander.
The intent was neither to slavishly recreate the old recordings nor to radically reinterpret the songs, but updating the sounds and the recording techniques while maintaining the original spirit of the album. As a bonus, Subhumans recorded six additional songs from the same period for the second 12” of a two LP set, some of which had never been recorded before. The first disc keeps the track listing of “Incorrect Thoughts” at 33 1/3 rpm. “Same Thoughts Different Day “ was released earlier this year on Alternative Tentacles with a very positive response.
Original members Brian Goble (vocals), Gerry Hannah (bass), Mike Graham (guitar), and newly-recruited drummer Jon Card (formerly with Personality Crisis, SNFU, and DOA among others) got together and the band reactivated into a live entity.

·Catch the Subhumans live !
Sept. 9 Hamilton This Ain’t Hollywood
Sept. 10 Toronto Lee’s Palace
Sept. 11 London Call The Office
Sept. 16 Montreal Katacombs
Sept 17 Ottawa Mavericks
Sept 18 Quebec City venue: Agitee