We all feel that pressure from time to time: how can I, just one person, change the world? Ambitious as it might be, these pressures can be warranted and if there’s anyone who we can turn to for inspiration, it’s Ceschi. Not only is he the founder of influential hip-hop label, Fake Four Inc., his one man band makes some of the most eclectic yet powerful hip-hop in recent memory.
Turning his unique vision into a passionate fusion of folk, trippy ambient electronic, mellow indie-leaning pop with his forceful MC skills, The One Man Band Broke Up is Ceschi’s latest album and quite possibly his most accessible to date. But don’t let the title of the record fool you; Ceschi is anything but slowing down.
“Ceschi’s greatest skill, inhumanly precise flow aside, has always been his wild juxtaposition of genres, and this trend continues on The One Man Band Broke Up. Very few records, if any, manage to channel hip hop, pop, psychedelia and folk into the same forty minutes while remaining as accessible as this.” - Stereokill
Available June 29th and produced by Equinox Records founder DJ Scientist, The One Man Band Broke Up follows the rise and fall of fictional musician Julius and the Bearded Savior. A track like ‘Long Live The Short Lived’ brings to mind some of the more poignant of The Smiths work, with Ceschi’s intense MC skills being showcased with harmonious ease. ‘Bridge’ roams with a dreamy mandate while the title track’s groovy persistence takes aim at the complacency that holds all of us back. Guest appearances include those by Sole, Astronautalis, Ben Cooper, Shoshin, and Mic King.
“The average rapper approaches a concept album with lyrics as a singular tool, while Ceschi applies brush strokes by weaving effortlessly from genre to genre. Allow The One Man Band Broke Up to double as both a significant piece of art and cautionary tale.” - okayplayer
Taking The One Man Band Broke Up on the road across the US West Coast, catch Ceschi playing alongside fellow label mates Moka Only and Factor. If you’re up for one of those nights that could take you anywhere, make sure not to miss this tour. And if it’s a journey into the great unknown of the sonic map, give The One Man Band Broke Up a spin.

For music and more info please visit: www.myspace.com/ceschiramos