Trevor Campbell CD Release @ Rivoli TONIGHT!

Seriously come check this guy out if you're from Toronto. I can't tell you enough how amazing of a songwriter he is, and although I'll be reviewing the show I just can't help but write about him now as well.

I used to have this huge obsession with Jason Mraz circa 2002 and earlier, and nothing has really compared to his writing style since then... until I heard Trevor Campbell.

Here's what his myspace says about him:
"Born in Southern Ontario, Trevor Campbell is a combination of his mother and father (charisma and tenacity), the attributes of the year of the pig (perfectionism and gluttony) and the sign of sagittarius (humour and blind, hopeless optimism). He has recorded three self-produced albums, and has performed across North America. He doesn’t have a favorite color, but for a very long time, it was Crayola’s Jungle Green (64), and for a brief period in his primary years, Periwinkle (92). He likes to cook vegan food, do the crossword, and dance to live music, among other things. Find out more at" -

Here's my favourite Jason Mraz song below, just fcr kicks!