Thrice Tour Cancelled.

Well, that makes the decision easy of whether to go the day I get back from vacation in BC to go see Thrice, which I probably would have and can't afford now that TIM BARRY is playing soon after.
But still, this is sad. Actually really sad... My condolences to them right now.
"I want to say how sorry I am to each of you who have to miss seeing Thrice in concert on account of my health issues. I have been diagnosed with a large brain tumor and things at this point are very unsure and serious. I will be having surgery in the next few days. Both Dustin and his brother Chase were out on tour and returned home for some precious family time. I am blessed to have the most unbelievable family to support and love me through this. Through the years I have met many amazing Thrice fans who are the most wonderful people, as a matter of fact as I was having my CT scan and the technician asked if I was Dustin Kensrue’s dad, and I proudly said Yes!!!! I love all of the guys in this awesome band and am sorry for the fact this is affecting them too. This has been a tough year on all of the guys in Thrice with family heartache, we all thank you for your prayers and good wishes!"
- Doug Kensrue.(

That's Dustin's dad, so clearly nobody can blame him for cancelling.