A Message and Contest from He Is We...

We know, we knowww...this album is taking us FOR-EV-ER! We're literally like one song away from being finished; we want as many new songs as we can possibly give you. It's coming together so well and it really embodies everything Trevor and I have been through these past few months. I think you guys will be shocked...for real.
So anyway...about this contest: Basically, we are revolving this one around our single "Happily Ever After". We all have one...I know mine is a house by a lake, my own bulldog and all my favorite music to listen to. What's yours??
We want YOU to draw us a picture of your Happily Ever After and send it to us here (heiswefans@gmail.com)! Can't (or don't want to) draw? No problem! Send us a photo or picture you found online...anything that truly displays your Happily Ever After is perfect!
We will post them all on our Myspace page...and whoever gets the most comments (or really inspires us) will win!
Win what you ask!?!
Oh dude, this is the best: The winners get to come hang out with Trevor and I in studio for an afternoon, listen to the entire album and finally...you get to sing the choral part of Happily Ever After with us! You guys are literally such a huge part of how we made this record that we thought..why not actually be on the record!?
So start drawing, googling or whatever you need to do! We're so excited to see the submissions...you have nooo ideeaaa!

Deadline: June 15th (the start of our first ever national toourr!!)

Eligibility: We will be picking 2 winners who are within driving distance of SEATTLE and 1 winner who is not (whoever wins that one will be flown out for the day!).
*If you currently live outside the US and win the contest, you will still be able to hear the album when the other winners do!(But not be flown out- we can't afford those tickets! :(

Rules: Ummm...I guess there are none. But all we ask is that you twitter your "Happily Ever After" by trending #happilyeverafter. Do this after you send us your submission! So for example: "A house on the lake, a bulldog and all my favorite music :) #happilyeverafter" is what I posted!

Have fun and good luck!!!
-Rachel and Trevor (He Is We)