Forgive me for blogging...

I have a busy week ahead of me with shows and packing and shit. I leave for mother fucking VANCOUVER next Monday to visit my besty, Miss Becky (from the wicked band The Does…, and I could NOT be more excited.
I hope to see a bunch of bands while I’m down there so I can write from the perspective of another happenin’ city other than Toronto… so bear with me for a week of no updates… I’ll make it up to you when I’m back I promise…

Not to mention this week will be packed full of reviews to hold you over until then anyway!

Tuesday night = THE AVETT BROTHERS @ Phoenix, and I am already crapping my pants for it.

Wednesday night = Another country’ish band, this one local called The Order of Good Cheer playing at the Piston with Still Life Still… and on top of that you get a chance to win a bag of MEAT if you go. Holla!

Friday night = Members of The Stiff Wires debut their new lineup as All the Trendy Kids at the Velvet Underground…. Straight up punk rock this time boys! STOKED!

Also working on reviewing local band Stuck On Planet Earth (SOPE) and the stream of Good Old War’s new album which is found on their myspace.

My obsessions lately are as follows:
Doc Walker’s “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” which seemed to follow me around Grafton when I visited my parents this past weekend.
A Loss For Word’s Motown Classics album is still constantly spinning on my Ipod each day at work.
INTO IT. OVER IT. (the Band of the Week) are my newest found love… they make me happier than chocolate on bacon and a chaser of tequila.

Annnnd my favourite song of the moment is thus:

Another thing? Chixdiggit! Friggin’ rule. Still. <3.

I’m Sarah. and I can’t wait for VANCOUVER!!!