Cheese People “Cheese People” (2009)

The Cheese People are a female-fronted four-piece based in the city of Samara (small by Russian standards) on the banks of the Volga. They first started to jam in 2003, and after a few years of playing in local basements they found themselves in the position of Russia's most powerful and popular disco punk band.
Their debut self-titled CD is a no-budget and self-produced recording, which however manages to sound more powerful and groovy than most Russian mainstream major-label pop. Due to its winning combination of catchy melodies, absurd lyrics, intricate sample work and unusual meowing vocal lines, this band can become an international breakthrough for Russian music.
Cheese People album has already been released in Russia on Snegiri Music (which also releases Messer Fuer Frau Muller recordings) and in Japan on Wow/Now Records. The album is to be released worldwide in May 2010 via iTunes and other online stores.
Some music critics have already compared the Cheese People music with Cansei de Ser Sexy, Datarock or New Young Pony Club. However, the band themselves say that they are more influenced by the likes of Prodigy and Gloria Gaynor, as it was hard to keep abreast of the modern music in Samara using slow dial-up connection.
Cheese People are not wasting any time and have already finished their next CD, which, surprisingly enough, is all acoustic. It is to be released in Russia in mid-April and you would be the first to know when it appears!

Download links for free download (rar, 320 kbps):

01. Stroitel
02. Ua-A-A!
03. Catch U
04. Boombaster
05. Moon
06. Wake Up
07. O-Djaz
08. Tibet+6++
09. Down & Down
10. Open My Eyes
11. Eats Your Popcorn
12. I Hate This Sound
13. Ua-A-A! (Gari remix)

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