Grand Scale Indeed

Uhh meet Grand Scale, Toronto's latest and greatest phenomenon.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Down With Webster (well, maybe you didn't think that, but I did) Grand Scale explodes onto the scene and all over your tits, throwing down bigger beats and balls than D-dub can toss out.
Think Tall Guy Short Guy but less gay (still gay, just less gay) and more drunk and rowdy - music that sluts can really shake their butts to - rep'n New Order style 80's electronic disco club beats backed with gang vocals and a shit load of hype.. all of that on top of Aspirations-like punk undertones

Their first ever EP, Fast Time at Parkdale High, was recorded entirely in the groups living room, and produced by one of their own, Matt Scholey.
Check them out on their MYSPACE, search their page on FACEBOOK, and keep an eye out for their debut Toronto show.

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