FUCK ME! Moneen Interview'ish.

So there's something you may not know about me. I have the worst luck ever. Not fully though, I'm more like break even Jerry Seinfeld but to the extreme. I will have abnormally good luck (landing Moneen as my first interview) and then everything will just go as wrong as it possibly can (our only camera of the 2 with audio ended up choosing now of all times to crap out and chew up the entire tape.) But not all is lost, I always end up getting something for free immediately after as a peace offering from the universe (tickets to Protest The Hero).
Things actually work out this way so often that I can't do much but shrug my shoulders, say "shit happens", and drink my brains out, pass out, and move on.
I'm used to it, so if you read my blog you'll have to get used to it too... Although I hope this won't happen again.
Since we had a back up camera and footage from the live performance we decided to put together a video of "what could have been" instead, but after a series of very unfortunate events we started to wonder if the universe was trying to tell us something.... I mean, how can all these things possible go wrong at the same time?:
1.Chris' camera dies = eats tape.
2.My computer dies trying to import the live footage.
3.My friend Dudnick's computer dies trying to do the same.
4.Chris' computer won't recognize my camera, he reinstalled each program and nothing worked..
5.Dudnick gets a new computer so we can finally get it done... then his phone dies and we can't get in touch with him.
6. I lose my chords to hook up my video camera with a computer
7. Chris finds chords from his deceased camera... they don't fit into Dudnicks computer.
8. No store has the right chords, after 7 we give up looking.
This is the broken camera :( RIP lil guy.

Finally, my good friend Eric comes through with his computer, which Chris' chords do indeed work with, and we FINALLY GET A VIDEO CUT! After weeks of stress and a broken camera, two broken computers, a broken phone... we finally have a video semi-portraying our lost interview... WHOMPX1000000!
(All the interview footage is dark and has no sound, deal with it)
Here's what could have been a great interview with Hippy and Erik with cameos from Kenny etc and even a taste of Hippy break dancing off pre- show jitters.