The Knockdown go on hiatus and make me cry.

One of my favourite lesser-known bands from the States, The Knockdown, is taking a break from making music together for a while.

And my world comes crashing down...

They posted this on their myspace blog to explain why:
The Knockdown hanging it up for a while
As some people may know, we're going on hiatus for a bit. With me in Florida and the rest of the guys in New York, we just can't be the kind of band we want to be. To say that this band affected my life in a positive way would be a gross understatment. Traveling with my best friends and meeting so many amazing people over the years has enriched my life greatly and it's sad to have to hang it up for now. This isn't to say that The Knockdown is completely done. Don't write us off yet!

In the meantime, Jay, Eric, Natoli, and Fatman have been hard at work getting TIMESHARES ready and will be playing their first shows next month. If you haven't already, head over to their myspace and check them out. It rules!

As for me, I am writing new songs and starting an online store called Landslide Distribution. Look for more info on that over the next few months.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us over the last five years. Thanks for listening.
Lucky for me, and I guess the rest of the fans, the new band Timeshares is actually pretty good, check them out, the first song is named for me I'm pretty sure.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.