Sole & The Skyrider Band: Plastique

Sole, one of the founding members of the Anticon collective and a fundamental figure in the experimental hip hop movement, returns with his Skyrider Band on his most cohesive and dynamic project to date. Out today via Fake Four Inc, Plastique is an album full of reflections on the postmodern mess that is the “me” generation.
“This type of album is a genuine reminder that unusual musical expression can find unique niches and angles outside the traditional, and still be music to someone’s ears.”
- All Access Magazine
In contrast to the apocalyptic imagery of the first record, Plastique adopts the Jean Beaudrillard idea that “when the spectacle took over, man ceased to be man”. Sole bounces from the ironic to the iconoclastic, from the worldly to the deeply personal, and backed by a more sparse and deliberate delivery from Skyrider, showcasing the talents of all 3 musicians: Bud Berning (producer), John Wagner (drums), and William Ryan Fritch (multi-instrumentalist).
“Known for putting out hip hop albums running in the darker, artistic abstract vein, Sole’s direction with The Skyrider Band is expanding music and renewing my faith in great artists.”
- Rocksellout
Sole has spent the last two years living in a cabin in the midst of the Coconino National Forest in Arizona with no mayor and no phone lines, just books and environmental canyon sprawl. This return to analog life inspired an album’s worth of interpersonal discovery and anti-ideology.
“Passionate and dense, Sole’s brand of agit-hop underground casts political and social signifiers in personal upheaval, reiterating a simple concept across full albums: Life’s tough, and the world’s not any easier.”
- Pitchfork

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