The Jim Ivins Band press release + New EP's

"Richmond, VA's The Jim Ivins Band just released their brand new free EP "FreEP" to anyone who signs up for their mailing list, which can be done at the band's myspace -

The five song song set (produced by Bill Leverty of 90's rock band Firehouse and Richmond VA's own Pedro Aida) showcases a more acoustic-driven pop direction for the band, with Ivins' most heartfelt and honest lyrics to date and catchy melodies throughout. Since an official release date is unknown, the band decided to reward their fans by giving it away.

Formed in December 2007, The Jim Ivins Band has already been making quite a name for themselves in their regional area. In the short time they've been together they have shared the stage with many acts including Mae, Carolina Liar, The Ataris, and Parachute, to name a few, in addition to going on tour on their own. After spending almost a year promoting the full length album "99¢ Dreams", they stepped in the studio with Ace Enders of The Early November and producer Chris Badami to help them make their EP "Back To Reality" (both "Back To Reality" and "99¢ Dreams" are available on iTunes and at all major digital retailers). Always reliant on accessible pop paired with honest lyrics that are sure to relate, the music of The Jim Ivins Band is sure to leave a satisfying after-effect with every listener.

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