Fashion Do NOTS at shows!

What NOT to rep at shows...
(Inspired by the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour!)

1. The underarms cut out of your T-shirt, exposing your training bra. ... Wait, I didn't realize this was cool because the singer of the band we all came to see does it too... RIIIIGHT. FYI ladies, he's a lot cooler than you are and he still can't pull it off.

2. Buying a band T and putting it on immediately ... This one is timeless, the same went for me in high school at shows and it goes for you now too, putting on a shirt at the same show you bought it just blends you in with the thousands of other kids who all bought that shirt and put it on immediately too! If you come to the show in that band's shirt that's one thing... but please keep it in your bag if you buy it that night!

3. More than 2 lip piercings. One is hot, two is sexy, three is a pain in the ass, and four can hit the door... heh heh heh. But seriously, you do have lips under all that metal don't you?

4. The swoop. Enough said.

5. Pants so tight we can see the veigns in your penis.

6. A jersey reppin' MOSH 00. Need I continue?

7. One studded belt is more than enough.

8. Sporting a wife beater when you clearly are one.

9. Double denim!

10. Pants so low I can spot your bush and the bugs crawling through it!