Noteworthy New Releases Tuesday November 18th, 2008:

Alaska in Winter - Holiday (ELECTRONIC/INDIE)
Beyonce - I Am... Sasha Fierce (POP/R&B)
Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season (HARDCORE)
Zac Brown Band - The Foundation (COUNTRY)
David Cook - S/T (ROCK)
Dido - Safe Trip Home (POP/EASY LISTENING)
False Icons - God Complex (METAL)
Sammy Hagar - Cosmic Universe Fashion (ROCK)
Il Divo - The Promise (CLASSICAL)
Joe Jackson - King Pleasure Time (ROCK/POP)
The Kindness Kind - S/T (INDIE/ROCK/ELECTRO)
Kocani Orkestar - The Ravished Bride (WORLD)
Ricky Martin - 17 (WORLD/POP)
Mudvayne - The New Game (HARD ROCK)
Nickelback - Dark Horse (SHIT)
Danny O'Keefe - In Time (ROCK/POP)
Blake Shelton - Startin' Fires (COUNTRY)
Shontelle - Shontelligence (POP/R&B/REGGAE)