The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: Choose Your Own Piss Stained Path!

I asked a bunch of bands playing Pouzza Fest this year to share a story or whatever about another band on the bill and then I turned it into a confusing choose your own adventure piece that I call: Choose Your Own Piss Stained Path to Pouzza starring Brad of School Damage because he somehow ended up being "the common thread in this web of tales" (that's a direct quote) as you can see from this beautiful diagram I worked really hard to make for you.
Click here to start your own path to Pouzza adventure!

The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: Kevin from Trophy Lungs & OC45, City Mouse

"We're super stoked to be playing Pouzza Fest again, this years line up is full of buds and we can't wait to get to Canada and start partying. We have a bunch of stories about some of the bands playing this year and surprisingly most of them involve drinking.

The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: Curt Murder & Sick Of It All

"It starts for me in 1989. Sick Of It All were travelling with D.R.I. During the "Thrash Zone" tour. They had a stop in London. ON at a Polish Hall downtown. Back then the local scene was thriving/somewhat deided but like most scenes it was going through the "crossover" phase to some degree. That was fine with me because I've always been into all kinds of music despite the fact that I grew up in quite the segregated punk and metal crowd. So 17 yr old me was pretty stoked to go to this show, and after getting my ass handed to me (e.g. kicked in the mouth, a ring crushed on my finger) in the pit I got to meet the brothers from SOIA and had a pretty lengthy conversation. Just an awesome couple of guys.

The Yellow Piss Road To Pouzza 2016: Jordy from The Creeps & The Dreadnoughts

"The Creeps got our start in fall of 1999, after the 3 of us met at Carleton University. The first year of our band was mostly trying to figure out how to play our instruments, which we did poorly, at best. It was also during these early years of the band, that we formed many new friends in the Ottawa music scene. Enter Nick Smyth (Guitarist and singer of The Dreadnoughts).